AJ Styles Trips After WWE Mixed Match Challenge And Takes Charlotte Flair Down With Him (Video)

WWE Champion AJ Styles and Charlotte had an impromptu fall after their WWE Mixed Match Challenge match where they defeated Jimmy Uso and Naomi. As the two were celebrating at ringside, Styles tripped over a cameraman's cable, inadvertently taking Charlotte down with him. Styles discussed the trip in the video above.

"The cameraman tripped me, and in turn I tripped you," Styles explained to Charlotte, who was clearly surprised when Styles fell into her. Styles did some bad Wooing, which Charlotte joked was "not phenomenal and neither was tripping me tonight."

When asked about their next match, Styles and Charlotte seemed uncertain who they would be facing next. They noted that they might be facing R-Truth and Carmella, and Styles said that he's been wrestling R-Truth for 18 years. Charlotte, who was giving Styles a hard time in the video, joked that she wasn't born then and Styles quipped, "You're not 18!"

It's a fun interview, you can check it out in the video above and the slip-up below:


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