Former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron was in the headlines for a major part of 2017 for his relationship with Paige. Paige and El Patron were in a turbulent relationship before going their separate ways. While Paige has since moved on with her life, it seems like El Patron still harbors ill-will towards her.

Alberto recently uploaded a picture on his Instagram account, where he was seen dining with a couple of friends, including Sin Cara. When a fan commented about how the woman who was sitting beside El Patron was better looking than Paige, the former GFW Global Champion publicly insulted the current SmackDown Live General Manager.

Alberto El Patron wrote, “Yes and this one doesn’t have more than 9 police reports against her, or 3 arrests in different states or committed in 2 mental hospitals like the one you mentioned did”. Del Rio also took a shot at Paige’s brother, continuing, “? and with real evidence not just lies from her LOSER BROTHER.”

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