Alberto El Patron Talks John Cena Not Getting Credit, Paige No Longer Wrestling In WWE, CM Punk

Alberto El Patron recently spoke with Chair Shots to the Cranium about Paige no longer wrestling and his time in the ring with John Cena / CM Punk. You can check out the full interview in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:

Wrestling John Cena:

"John Cena is fantastic, seriously. I hate when people don't give Cena the credit he deserves. These days, unfortunately, some fans - not all the fans, but some fans - they think just because you can do 1,000 moonsaults and you can do spot after spot, they think that's pro wrestling. That's not real pro wrestling. ... If you can create that magic because you have the skills to take fans on a roller coaster of emotions, that's real pro wrestling, and there's no one better than Cena. I learned so much from him. That part about going out there having fun, hearing the crowd and trying different things to have a great match and entertain them. I always enjoyed my time in that company in those matches with him."

His thoughts about CM Punk:

"I remember one [match] with CM Punk in Japan. Seriously, it was a masterpiece. We got there, we were jet legged, I went out the night before with some friends. [Laughs] And then the next day we had a full house, packed building! The vibe in the building was amazing. Punk and I are really good friends. I have nothing but respect for everything he's done in his career and his MMA career. Because it takes a lot of guts, you have to be a real man to take that challenge to go inside the cage and fight."

Paige no longer wrestling in WWE:

"Well to be honest my friend, I closed that book a long time ago. I wish nothing but the best to Paige. It's too bad she cannot wrestle anymore. Cause like you just said it, she has a lot of talent. I remember saying this once, she could have been the most successful Diva of all-time, but things happen."

Again, you can check out the full interview in the video above.


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