"All In" Results: Cody Rhodes Faces Nick Aldis For The NWA Title, Kenny Omega Vs. Pentagon Jr.

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- All In: Zero Hour kicks off! Cody Rhodes and The Young Buck come out to welcome the crowd.

- Road Warrior Animal makes an appearance riding a motorcycle.

- SoCal Uncensored using Rocky inspired gear for their match against The Briscoes.

The Briscoes vs. SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian)

Winners: Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall

- Backstage, Alicia Atout talks with Kenny Omega about his upcoming match against Pentagon Jr. Omega says he is only nervous tonight because he wants his match to be memorable for all the fans watching.

- Tons of Pro Wrestling Tees commercials are being shown during the show.

The Over Budget Battle Royale

All the wrestlers involved in the match start by surrounding the ring. Bully Ray is coming through the crowd. Hurricane and Tommy Dreamer are in this one. Dalton Castle is on commentary for this one. Bully immediately put Chico through a table. A lot of the action early on is taking place outside of the ring.

Punishment Martinez eliminated the Best Friends. Brian Cage takes out Cheeseburger and then goes toe-to-toe with Martinez. Hurricane with a chokeslam to Martinez and Cage for a big pop. Ethan Page eliminated Hurricane, Colt Cabana then sends Page out. Weapons have been introduced into the match as Dreamer starts smacking everyone with weapons.

Billy Gunns sends out Jimmy Jacobs and Punishment Martinez. Bully then tosses out Austin Gunn, Billy drops Bully. Cage eliminates Billy Gunn. Marko gets dumped out by Bully. We're down to Cabana, Bully, Grace, and Cage. Crazy sequence by Grace and Cage, Grace sends Cage out of the match! Down to three. Bully eliminates Grace. Cabana vs. Bully, Cabana with a chair shot, but he gets tossed out. In comes Chico (who was out since the beginning of the match), and it's actually Flip Gordon! He superkicks and tosses Bully out of the ring and wins the match!

Winner: Flip Gordon will get a shot at the ROH World Championship later tonight.

- All In kicks off with the National Anthem.

MJF vs. Matt Cross

Back and forth taunting from both wrestlers. MJF applauds his opponent, wants to shake hands, and then gets in a cheap kick. Cross with a hurricanrana sending MJF to the outside, kip up, sasuke special and he goes all the way to the stage to celebrate. Back in the ring, Cross looks to fly, but MFJ rolls to the other side of the ring, Cross charges in, MFJ pulls the referee in front of him, cheap shot, and sends Cross into the ring post.

Gutwrench powerbomb by MJF and he really works over Cross' arm. Cross recovers, handspring elbow, cover, two-count. MJF with a double stomp on Cross' arm, package shoulder breaker, cover, two. Back and forth action, MJF continues to work the arm, snaps it over the top rope, and hits a piledriver, cover, two. Cross with a handspring cutter, up top, shooting star press, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Cross via Pinfall

- Backstage, Sean Mooney talks with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis who says it's an honor to speak one one of the greatest of all time. Aldis talks about his match with Rhodes, and how important the title is to Rhodes. Aldis says unfortunately that's not going to happen.

Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell

Jerry Lynn is the referee for this match, gets a nice pop from the crowd. Some shoving to get us started as Daniels gets his dance on from his Curry Man days. Amell and Daniels trade back and forth chops. Amell with a takedown and walks over Daniels. Amell tosses Daniels into the barricade and then brings out a table. Amell looks to plant Daniels from the apron down to the table, but Daniels blocks it and gets back into the ring. Amell takes issue with the referee, Daniel with an overhead suplex. "Fallen Angel!" chant from the crowd.

Daniels continues to keep Amell grounded and hits a lionsault, thinks about a cover, but decides not to. Amell has looked really solid in this match thus far. Amell works his way back into the match, tosses Daniels into the corner and looks to do Coast to Coast and hits it! Big pop from the crowd! Cover, two-count. Amell tries for another enziguri, misses, goes for best moonsault ever, overshoots a bit though, cover, two.

Daniels look to superplex Amell through the table on the outside. Amell knocks him off down to the apron, and Daniels flops down on the table. Amell dives, but nobody home, table explodes! Lynn starts up the count, but then he decides he wants to see a winner and tosses both guys into the ring. Daniels isn't happy with that move and argues with Lynn.

Lynn tosses his referee shirt at Daniels, Amell with a school boy, two-count. Daniels swings away on Amell, Lynn keeps stepping in though. Amell looks super tired as he flips the double middle fingers at Daniels. Amell reverses Daniels into a suplex with the bridge, two-count. Daniels up, back breaker, best moonsault ever, and that will do it.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via Pinfall

- Post-match, they shake hands and celebrate a bit.

Britt Baker vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Chelsea Green vs. Madison Rayne

Tenille Dashwood and Mandy Leon are on commentary for this one. Baker out to Adam Cole's old entrance. Blanchard hugs her dad, Tully, and Magnum T.A. before heading to the ring. They attempt to shake hands, but Green's split personality almost prevents her from shaking hands. Blanchard smacks Rayne out of the ring, Green screams at Blanchard, which sends her running. Baker and Green with some back and forth pins. Blanchard knocked back to the floor.

Green up on the rope, walks them a bit, and hits a nice arm drag on Baker. Blanchard with a spear on Green, then sends her out of the ring. Blanchard with a dropkick on Baker, running elbow, second time she runs into a kick. Blanchard with a codebreaker on Baker, Rayne in the ring with a nice flipping pin, two-count. Rayne with a hurricanrana on Blanchard, but gets hit with a forearm. Blanchard presses Rayne up in the air and tosses her down on Green/Baker. Baker and Green back in the ring on their own, Green with a big boot. Hits a big suicide dive to the floor. Blanchard with a forearm that sends Green to the floor. Tessa has a messy dive over the top rope. Rayne then hits a crossbody off the top rope down to the floor on the other three wrestlers.

Blanchard charges into the corner, misses and hits the ring post. Green does a Zack Ryder "Woo! Woo! Woo!" and kicks Blanchard. Rayne with a tornado DDT. Green with a missile dropkick on Blanchard. Rayne with a cutter off the second rope, slow for the pin, two-count. Superkicks all over the place. More pin attempts, all two-count. Blanchard with an elbow to the face. Crucifix bomb by Rayne on Blanchard, pin, Baker breaks up the pin. Green with a canadian destroy on Blanchard, cover, two. Crowd thought the match was over and claps it up. Hammerlock DDT by Blanchard on Green, Baker tries to break up the pin, but doesn't make it in time.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall

- Post-match, they all give each other a big hug and celebrate in the ring.

- Chico and Fat Ass Masa sitting ringside.

- Brent Tarring on commentary for the NWA title match.

Nick Aldis (c) vs. Cody (with Brandi Rhodes) (NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship)

Brandi out first in a fantastic outfit. Cody walking from the back with the Nightmare Family (Tommy Dreamer, DDP, Glacier, Pharaoh, and other family members). Nick Aldis out with Tim Storm, Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Daivari, and others. Crowd very much behind Cody in this one. Earl Hebner is referee for this match. Crowd is going wild for this one as the two wrestlers shake hands. Some early taunting from both wrestlers.

The match makes its way out to the floor, Cody with a suicide dive and is pumped up! Aldis then suplexes Rhodes and then shoves him into the ring post. Rhodes tossed into the ring, big chops in the corner. Cody then drops down and punches Aldis in the face a la Goldust. Aldis returns fire with a clothesline. Superkick by Cody, tries for the cross rhodes, no, double crossbody sends Aldis out to the floor to take a breather.

Cody looks for the splash to the floor and gets an elbow from Aldis. Hebner is checking on Cody and does the "X" signal. DDP comes out from the back to check on Cody. Daivari comes down, shoves DDP, gets in the ring, shoves the referee and wants the match stopped. DDP comes into the ring and gives Daivari a diamond cutter. Crowd loved that spot. Aldis tosses Cody back into the ring and he's bloodied up now. Aldis tries to win, but Cody fights back for a moment. Aldis takes back control and hits a fall-away slam off the second rope. Aldi with a big splash off the top rope.

Cody then locks in the figure-four, Aldis is able to spin it around and Cody keeps it going until he gets to the ropes. Running powerslam on the floor by Aldis. Brandi checking on Cody as Aldis waits in the ring for him to be potentially counted out. Cody gets up, tries for an alabama slam, but ends up just dumping Aldis because of his backing hurting. Cody hits a spinning Alabama slam, cover, two. Disaster kick by Cody, nobody home. Aldis locks in a cloverleaf submission, Cody is able to claw his way towards the ropes and his wife. Brandi tries to give him some advice as Aldis yanks him away and hits a sit-out piledriver.

Aldis climbed up to the top rope and went for an elbow drop, but Brandi jumped in to cover Cody and took the full brunt of that elbow. Crowd with an "Ass—-!" chant, goes for the cover, two-count. Cody really looks to be out of it now as Aldis slaps him, Cody with a disaster kick, cross rhodes hits, cover, 1-2-no! Crowd thought that was it. Back and forth strikes, Cody tries for the vertebreaker, Aldis counters. Sunset flip attempt by Aldis, Cody sits down, stacks up Aldis, and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Cody via Pinfall to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

"Hangman" Adam Page vs. Joey Janela (with Penelope Ford) (Chicago Street Fight)

Back and forth action in the ring, Janela ends up on the outside, Page up to the top rope and hits a huge moonsault on Janela. He grabs a chair, sets it up in the middle of the ring. Janela with some forearms, but Page with a rolling elbow, pumphandle fall-away slam into the chair! Page uncovers a cracker barrel at ringside (product placement!) and attempts to launch Janela into it, but Page ends up getting tossed into it. Janela dumps Page out into the crowd. Janela sets up a chair, uses it to help leap off the barrel and crashes into Page.

Janela then rolls the barrel at Page, but he jumps over it, only to get smacked a few times by Janela. Page hits a buckshot lariat over the barricade. Page brings a table out from under the ring, tosses Janela into the ring. Janela gets back into the match and gets the first pinfall attempt. Janela then pulls a ladder out from under the ring and brings the barrel over, put the ladder on it and on the apron. Page is dropped on the ladder, Janela goes to the top rope, Page catches him, torture rack position, burning hammer on the lader and it barely budges. Ford screams out as they crash down.

Page brings out a bag, Ford jumps on Page's back to slow him down and he dumps her off. She then spins him and slaps Page's ear. He swings at her, she flips away, he charges, she does the matrix dodge, hits a stunner that sends Page out of the ring. Ford up to the top rope and hits a splash down on Page. She hammers away on him some more as he falls on the table, Janela off the top rope with an elbow drop through the table! Both are out in the entrance way, Ford helps Janela put two tables together. He goes up to get Page, gets smacked, and then powerbombed off the stage down through one table! Didn't quite make it to the second, ouch.

Page brings Janela back into the ring, buckshot lariat, rite of passage hits, cover, 1-2- and Ford breaks it up. She has the bag that Page brought into the ring. He snatches it away from her and dumps out the talking boots! Crowd with a "boots!" chant. Page is distracted and kind of freaked out. She goes to pick on up and he superkicks her. Page starts yelling at one of the boots and Janela with a massive superkick. Janela brings a ladder into the ring, along with a ladder. Crowd with a "safety first!" chant. Janela heads up the ladder, gets knocked down, he pulls a phone out of the second bag in the ring and swings away on Janela's head. Page with rite of passage through the table! Cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: "Hangman" Adam Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, a video is shown of Joey Ryan "rising" up. A bunch of druid like dudes (dressed like...well, you can imagine) walk out to the stage. Joey Ryan's music hits and he heads out to the ring as Page watches on. Ryan poses for the crowd, puts on some baby oil. Page can't believe Ryan is alive, Ryan drops Page and he ends up being carried to the back by Ryan's phallic druids.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Flip Gordon (with Brandi Rhodes) (ROH World Championship)

Black Machismo heads out with Lanny Poffo to Macho Man's entrance music! Lethal shakes hands with Flip, then notices Brandi on the outside and treats her like she's Miss Elizabeth, moving her to his corner a couple times. Back and forth action, Brandi ends up in the ring and Machismo lifts her up on his shoulder like he did with Elizabeth. Brandi's had enough and pats his shoulder, which brings Jay Lethal back out, he looks around confused as Flip goes to work on him.

Flip avoids Lethal with a bunch of kip ups, Lethal sent out to the floor, suicide dive, two times, and then Flip with a corkscrew over the top rope. Flip with a nice spinning crossbody, cover, two. Lethal thought he had Flip, but hulks up and does the whole Hulk Hogan sequence, big boot and all. Flip with a Pele kick, springboard sling blade.

Lethal up on the top rope, Flip tries for a hurricanrana, gets blocked, Lethal with a cutter off the top rope! Lethal hits lethal injection, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Jay Lethal via Pinfall

- Post-match, Brandi checks on Flip. lethal puts his hands out and Flip shakes it, but holds on and then gives him a hug. From the back runs Bully Ray and hits a double clothesline. He then swings a chain at Flip over and over. Lanny gets into the ring and Bully just kicks him between the legs. Bully grabs a table and brings it into the ring. Out from the back comes Colt Cabana who spears and swings away on Bully. Lethal, Flip and Colt triple powerbomb Bully through a table.

Pentagon Jr. vs. Kenny Omega

Cero Miedo by Pentagon Jr. He goes for another and Omega gives him a slap to the face. Pentagon goes to work with a superkick that sends Omega out to the fllor. Both back in the ring as Pentagon hits a lung blower, Omega out to the floor, Pentagon looks to fly, but Omega hits a hurricanrana. Now Pentagon is on the floor and Omega looks to fly, Pentagon back in the ring and nails a sling blade. Pentagon with a flip over the top rope and down to the floor, taking out Omega.

Pentagon with a big chop, Omega tries to fight back and gets launched into the barricade. Omega rushes forward and gets powerslammed on the floor. Back in the ring, multiple chops from both wrestlers, Pentagon working on the back of Omega's leg. Omega with the you can't escape, but Pentagon lifts the knees. Omega with a tornado DDT, Pentagon out to the floor. Omega up and off the top rope, hits a crossbody.

V-trigger attempt, gets kicked. Discus elbow strike, full nelson snap dragon on Pentagon. Omega looks for one winged angel, nope, lung blower hits, cover, two. Omega gets tied up in the corner and Pentagon hits a double stomp, cover, two. V-trigger land on Pentagon, powerbomb, another v-trigger, cover, Pentagon grabs the rope. Pumphandle piledriver, Omega is pinned, two-count. Both out in the apron, Pentagon asks for a v-trigger, then kicks Omega and hits a package piledriver on the apron! Crowd lost it for that move.

Pentagon gets him back in the ring, double stomp, cover, two-count. Omega with a packaged piledriver, cover, no. Omega with another v-trigger, one winged angel, no, Pentagon is looking to break Omega's arm and he snaps it back! Package piledriver, cover, nope. Crowd on their feet and clapping now. Pentagon tries for a kick, blocked, big v-trigger by Omega, reverse hurricanrana, cover, two-count. A 20th v-trigger hits by Kenny, one winged angel lands clean, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

- Post-match, Kenny gets up and the lights go out and then come back on. He gets attacked from behind by Pentagon, but that's not Pentagon, that's Chris Jericho! He beats up Omega and then get on the mic. "Kenny, I'll see you on the Jericho cruise" and he leaves through the crowd. Jericho then shows up and shoves the table, knocking Don Callis down, kind of making fun of what happen to Jim Ross?

- Backstage, Marty Scurll walks down the hallway before his match and snaps the fingers of two dudes.

Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll

Some mind games are played early on by both wrestlers. Scurll uses his mat wrestling skills to count Okada. He tries running over Okada, but doesn't hve much luck as Okada flexes his pecs a bit. Scurll tries it again and looks to hurt himself more by doing that. Scurll gets Okada out to the floor and hits a kick to the side of the head. Scurll skins the cat back into the ring, and nails a suicide dive. Scurll lands a couple chops to Okada's chest and then tosses him back into the ring.

Okada gets back some momentum, both end up out on the floor and Okada hits a DDT on Scurll out on the floor. Okada finally tosses Scurll into the ring and hits a senton into the ring. Scurll tries for some weak chops, but Okada smashes him in the face with an elbow strike. Okada locks in a straight jacket submission, Marty is able to slowly counter and then hit a lung blower. Crowd fairly split for this match. Scurll fakes with a high kick, and takes out the knee. Scurll dodges a charging Okada, hits a tornado DDT, cover, two.

Back elbow by Okada, DDT, cover, two. Scurll able to bust out a brainbuster! Crowd loved that and gave a "heavyweight!" chant. Scurll tries to lift him up again, doesn't work, he gets amped up, tries again, nope and Okada hits an air raid crash, cover, two. Both end up on the second rope, Okada is trying to knock Scurll down to the mat, but he won't fall. Scurll finally smacks Okada, hits a superplex. Multiple pinning combinations finish with a close pin on Okada. Scurll with a powerbomb, pin, two. Crowd is reacting to any "power moves" Scurll is pulling off and it's great!

Okada looking for the tombstone, Scurll won't allow it, counters with a DDT and tries for his own tombstone. Okada counters and hits a tombstone, calls for the rainmaker. Okada gives the "205" hand signal, but Scurll grabs his fingers and snaps them! Okada follows up with his dropkick, rainmaker misses, crossface chicken wing is nearly locked in on Okada! Okada is able to stand up and drops down on Scurll, who then rises up and looks to lock in the crossface chicken wing again. Okada rolls through, cover, two. Okada ends up getting shoved into the referee. Scurll grabs his umbrella, swings, misses. Rainmaker attempt, but he opens the umbrella, smacks Okada it, hits Okada with a rainmaker! Cover, super close three! Wow. Crowd is on their feet.

Crossface chicken wing attempt, Okada hits rainmaker, but can't get up to make the pin.The two stand in the middle of the ring, Scurll spits at him, slaps him in the face. Scurll goes for a finger snap, gets two rainmakers and Okada finally puts him down for good.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada via Pinfall

Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi vs. Rey Mysterio, Fenix, and Bandido

Matt and Bandido get us started, Matt out to the floor in a hurry, Bandido with a nice flip over the top rope. Nick with the blind tag, double hip toss/dropkick. Fenix in there with Nick, tries to dance on the ropes, but slips off. Hits an arm drag, cutter, pin, two. Action has been fast and furious as it looks like the main event is running out of time for the show.

Ibushi and Bandido in the ring, standing moonsault by Ibushi, cover, two. Fenix and Bandido get clocked with a pele kick. Nick is tagged in, superkicks, back elbow, spinning kick on both Bandido and Fenix. He clears out the ring, step up flip to the outside as Ibushi hits a moonsault to the floor. Mysterio with a hurricanrana sending Nick to the floor, springboard moonsault to the floor by Mysterio. Action back in the ring, Ibushi with a german suplex with the bridge, two count. Triple superkick misses on Bandido and he hits a triple hurricanrana. Mysterio tagged in, superkick, throws Matt into Nick, tries for the 619, but Matt catches him.

Nick and Ibushi on the apron, Fenix runs the ropes and boots Ibushi in the face. Matt throw into the ropes, superkick by Fenix, 619 by Mysterio. Rolling destroyer by Fenix, bandido with a reverse hurricanrana on Matt, frog splash by Mysterio, cover, two. Crowd with an "Eddie!" chant. Bandido with a back flip blockbuster on Matt off the top rope! Pin, Nick breaks it up. Superkick party by the Young Bucks. Meltzer Driver by Nick and Matt, cover, and that will do it. They had to rush the finish as the PPV cut off just after they picked up the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi via Pinfall