Backstage News On Brock Lesnar Working WWE Crown Jewel, Lesnar Maximizing Pay From UFC And WWE

Brock Lesnar's deal for the WWE return at Crown Jewel was not a last minute deal. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Lesnar's camp expected the deal to be signed during WWE SummerSlam week in late August.

Lesnar's camp reportedly expected Vince McMahon to make a huge offer for Crown Jewel and WrestleMania 35 during SummerSlam week. Lesnar had not signed a new UFC contract, which would allow UFC to block any WWE appearances. UFC and WWE appear to be on good working terms these days and it's likely that UFC would not have stopped Lesnar from making a big WWE payday while he was under contract to them.

It's not clear when the WWE offer was made and agreed on, but it was several weeks back. There's also no word yet on the details of the deal but Lesnar is looking at signing short-term contracts with the feeling that the more he's free, the more money he can make by playing both sides, UFC and WWE, and get the best deal possible.

Lesnar will face Braun Strowman and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Friday, November 2. It's believed that he's making "well into the seven-figures" for the match. There's no word yet on if Lesnar will appear on RAW between now and November to promote the match.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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