Being The Elite (Episode 118): Backstage Footage Of "All In", Tease For All In 2?

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* This episode ended up being just over 46 minutes long. Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, Adam Page, and The Young Bucks sit in the Sears Arena before "All In" and talk a bit about the show as the ring gets built.

* Young Bucks get to their hotel for private signings. The rest of the guy take photos with their cardboard cut-outs in the hotel lobby.

* Cody and The Young Bucks appear at Marty Scurll's karaoke event during Starrcast weekend.

* Joey Ryan talks about how he came back to life thanks to the help his wife. We see footage of his return at "All In."

* Lot more backstage clips from the weekend, including the guys taking a photo with Macaulay Culkin.

* More clips of the ramp and stage being built. Marty Scurll rehearses his entrance. Matt Jackson talks about "All In" feeling like Christmas and how they were running on fumes on Saturday morning.

* Footage of the video screens and lighting being tested and finalized. Road Warrior Animal tests out the motorcycle that he road in on for the show and nearly drops the bike.

* The Young Bucks bring a ton of Cracker Barrel to-go food for the wrestlers/backstage staff. It's pretty amazing how many tasks these guys had to do backstage for everyone involved.

* Stephen Amell says he's really pumped up for tonight's match against Christopher Daniels. In jumps Shane "Hurricane" Helms who lets Amell know if he ever needs help (on his show Arrow) he'll be there.

* Matt, Nick, and Cody head out to welcome the crowd at "All In." Backstage, we see how Flip Gordon gets booked into "All In." The camera pans to a not so happy Cody, but then he claps and says "he's booked!" In a hallway, Nick and Matt hug Flip and tell him to tear it up against Lethal.

* Backstage, we see Cody take photos after winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Title and then get back to producing the show. On the screen is Jericho unmasking and attacking Kenny Omega.

* The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi take photos before heading out for the main event of the show.

* The guys gather in the ring after the show to talk to the fans. Nick tells them they finished the PPV with three seconds to go. Matt says Cody came to them and said he thought they could get 10,000 people to come to a show. He continues that it wasn't just three people who put together the show, it was everybody in the ring, in the back, and of course, the fans. Matt says there's a thirst for good pro wrestling, Cody teases an All In 2. "Sometimes when you go all in, you go double or nothing." Kenny Omega jumps on the mic and says that was the greatest pro wrestling show he's even been a part of and sends the crowd off happy.

* Post-show footage is shown of the clean up in the arena along with wrestlers taking photos and meeting some of the people who came to the event, including John Mayer.

* Back at Cody's hotel room, Kenny Omega talks with Cody Rhodes and says he misses the days when they just hung out and hopes they can get back to that. Cody looks pretty tired (almost not paying attention) as the camera cuts back and forth between the two wrestlers. Omega finally says he's just going to stop talking and give him a hug. We then see Omega was just talking to Pharaoh (Cody's dog) the whole time and hugs him. Cody finally says, "Alright, Kenny. Get your own f------ dog, man." Kenny then asks Cody, "We're cool, right?" and Cody responds, "Yeah, we're cool."

* Kenny heads out and as he opens the door, Brandi is there. Omega says he wanted to apologize to her for putting her through a table (kind of) and she admitted to digging her heels into his back. Brandi says they can have a fresh start. Omega says Brandi, Cody, Pharaoh, and himself could be super friends, like best friends! Suddenly, Flip Gordon opens the bathroom door next to them, "What's this I hear about best friends?" He's Brandi's best friend. Cody interjects, "Flip! Is there a reason, please give me a reason why you're in my goddamn bathroom." Flip said he was having issues with his bathroom. Before Flip heads out he tells Cody, "See you at 'All In 2!'"


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