When fans think of indie wrestlers, Daniel Bryan is most often the name that pops into their heads. Even though he has established himself as a main eventer in WWE, Bryan got his start on the indie circuit where he even earned the nickname of “King of the Indies.”

Due to his contractual obligations with WWE, Bryan wasn’t able to participate in the historic All In event. But he showed his love to All In with a tweet before the event which prompted Bully Ray to say that Bryan would have loved to be a part of All In if he had the opportunity.

“Deep down in his heart of hearts, Daniel Bryan wishes he could have been on that show,” Ray said on Busted Open Radio. “Those are the type of shows that wrestlers like Daniel Bryan pray that they can be a part of because that’s what they came up on.

“All In is basically a ROH-esque show. So a guy like Daniel Bryan who started in ROH, that’s the type of show he wants to be on. Guys like AJ and Joe, anybody who came from that type of atmosphere would have loved to be there.”

Bully Ray also said that All In was the most fun event for wrestlers and fans that he can ever recall being a part of. He even compared it to the first One Night Stand event that took place in 2005.

“About an hour after the show ended, I took in what I saw from the fans, the show, the reactions,” said Ray. “I took in what I saw backstage and I said I haven’t seen wrestlers and fans come together and have this much fun together since ECW One Night Stand. And that’s the highest compliment I can pay to it because that night was one of the most special nights and All In was a great mirror of what that night was.”

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Source: SiriusXM Busted Open Radio