Carmella spoke to TV Insider about partnering with R-Truth in the Mixed Match Challenge, intergender wrestling in WWE, being a heel, and her signature catchphrase/laugh. Here are some of the highlights:

Intergender wrestling in WWE:

“The other night Truth had a match with Andrade [Cien Almas], and Zelina [Vega] was out there. I pulled her off the apron, and the crowd went nuts. I think when there is this intergender concept is happening, it’s different. You don’t know what is happening or what to expect, where if it’s just a women’s match you know they are going to fight. But when there are men and women involved, you just don’t know. I think it’s unexpected.”

Playing a heel:

“I know my role as a bad guy is to get everyone to hate me. If I try to act cool and do things that get a positive reaction, then I’m not doing anything for the person I’m in the ring with. I don’t want to be somewhat cheered and somewhat hated. I went out there wanting people to hate me, and I’m going to do everything I possibly can to get everyone to do that. I just feel it’s important to do what’s right and not necessarily what is right for you but right for everybody.”

Teaming up with R-Truth in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge:

“It’s only been a few weeks, so it’s crazy it has turned into this. That’s the same thing with Big E and New Day. I didn’t really know them until we were paired together for the Mixed Match Challenge. We just had this instant connection and great chemistry. It was just fun. I’m game to make a fool of myself. I don’t care. I’m game to have a good time and play a character and know my role. Whether it was being a manager for Enzo and Big Cass in NXT and then with James Ellsworth and now with R-Truth. It’s cool to show different sides of myself and my character. I feel like not that many people get to do that. They sort of stay the same their entire career, but I totally am open to all aspects of Carmella.”

“Mella is Money” and her loud laugh:

“The ‘Mella Is Money’ is something I just started saying. And now it’s a thing. The laugh to me is kind of my natural laugh. If I really want to go nuts on laughing and think something is hilarious, that’s how I laugh. I guess it has become a thing now.”

Carmella also discussed WWE 2K19 and being picked last in the WWE Draft. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.