Chris Jericho "All In" Appearance Resulted In No Immediate Sales For His Cruise

Chris Jericho's surprise appearance at "All In" served two functions. One is that it added yet another element to the historic nature of the event as no one expected Jericho to show up with Fozzy performing 500 miles away that very same night.


The other function of Jericho showing up was to further his multi-country feud with Kenny Omega. After attacking Omega, Jericho then told him "I'll see you at the Chris Jericho Cruise" which will continue the feud between the two that started at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

Yet despite further building up the Jericho-Omega showdown on the cruise, Jericho revealed that cruise sales haven't benefitted in the manner that he thought they would.

"I found out today that I sold zero cabins yesterday," Jericho said on his podcast a couple of days after All In. "Everyone's watching the pay-per-view [on demand] so hopefully it goes that way."

Omega was previously announced for the cruise before All In and most figured that he would be involved with Jericho in some way. Jericho confirmed a match between the two at All In but it hasn't done much for cabin sales as of yet.


Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea will set sail on Oct. 27 so there's still time for fans to buy in. Jericho describes it as a "once in a lifetime experience" which is also what he said about his appearance at All In.

"Just being there was huge, the cruise thing, the shirt, the reveal, the Pentagon thing. It was one of the coolest moments of my career and I'm glad I got to do that in the States after doing it in Japan the last couple of times."

Always seen as a "WWE guy," this was Jericho's first appearance in another United States promotion since making his WWE debut in 1999.

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