After “All In” came to a close, Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes gave some parting words to the live crowd, which included a tease about having an “All In 2.”

During the post-show speeches, Rhodes got on the mic and said, “I know when you make a bet, sometime you go double or nothing.”

In the latest NWA video, Rhodes again addressed the thought of a second show and it sounds like he’s leaning towards doing it again in the future.

“There is a question of whether we do it again,” Rhodes said. “And the best answer I can give you is, it could have been a great night of matches at Chicago, sure, that’s all it could have been. But it felt like more, it felt like a revolution. Revolutions aren’t just one night.”

Rhodes will be on tonight’s ROH Death Before Dishonor PPV in a Bullet Club vs. CHAOS tag match (join our live coverage at 9pm ET!) and also on Sunday’s NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed (live coverage begins at 8pm ET).

Yesterday, during a Q&A with fans on Twitter, Rhodes was asked about an update on if he’s able to use his last name in ROH, NJPW, NWA, etc. As noted, “Cody Rhodes” was WWE’s intellectual property and Rhodes had previously said he was just going to let the situation play out without any type of lawsuit. Rhodes now revealed that he’s free to use the last name whenever he wants, but for the “foreseeable future” plans on sticking with Cody.