Curt Hawkins is currently on arguably his best WWE run of his career despite a historic losing streak of 200+ matches. Hawkins joined Sam Roberts’ Podcast to discuss what he thinks of Vince McMahon and also what the Chairman thinks of him as a performer.

“He’s obviously intimidating,” Hawkins said of Vince McMahon. “He’s the ruler of professional wrestling, but I’ve always had a good rapport with him. I am very comfortable talking to him and things like that. I think he has seen me wrestle all these years and knows that I am a very serviceable pro wrestler and knows that I work hard every night, and I think he appreciates that. I’m not Roman Reigns, but as far as where he sees me on a star level, but there is a value of Curt Hawkins for sure. He has called me a good hand several times in meetings and to my face.”

Hawkins’ streak really began to make waves at the end of 2017 when he shared on Twitter that he lost every match that year (0-152). Not soon after, he approached WWE about creating merchandise from his epic losing streak and they obliged by creating Hawkins’ losing streak T-shirts.

“I thought of the t-shirt idea, and drew it up really crappy, but I sent it to a buddy of mine who is super talented with drawing and stuff,” said Hawkins. “He made it look really nice and then I just knocked on Vince McMahon’s door and showed it to him. I told him that I had been with the company for 10 years now and I never had a shirt. I don’t think I am deserving of a shirt, but people are really getting into this thing and I had this t-shirt idea designed. I don’t know if he had something to do with it, but shortly after the t-shirt was made.”

Hawkins’ first run with WWE was from 2006 through 2014. He then left for two years where he wrestled on the indie circuit and TNA. Hawkins then made his WWE return in 2016 with a newfound knowledge of life outside of WWE. He shares that experience with other Superstars who are thinking about leaving for possibly greener pastures.

“I try to give them my perspective. I had a great time on the indies. The experience was cool and I did some cool things, so, I love pro wrestling but it was a lot of hard work and a lot of hustle,” said Hawkins. “A lot of lonely ‘Virgil’ moments where you have to suck it up. That autograph line is not never ending wherever you go. There are moments where you have to check your ego and I don’t think that a lot of guys who have not done it don’t understand what the experience is like.

“If you do a good job and consistently work somewhere, and not work a lazy match and just take someone’s money, because I was doing the opposite. I told them that they don’t have to pay me this much, but that I would like to be involved with storylines and feuds and earn rapport of the fans where people are coming to see ‘The Prince of Queens’ Brian Myers and not Curt Hawkins, so that was my business philosophy.”

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