Don Callis Reveals One Thing He Did Not Like During 'All In' Weekend

Don Callis gave listeners a backstage experience of All In on his latest episode of Killing the Town. Callis was a part of the commentating team at All In, along with Excalibur and Ian Riccaboni.

Callis explained that he was asked by the Young Bucks to be a part of All In backstage at Dominion 6.9 in Osaka, Japan, prior to their IWGP Tag Team Championship match against EVIL & Sanada. The outcome went as planned, with Matt and Nick Jackson asking Callis following their tag title win what he was doing on September 1, and if he wanted to be "All In."


Enjoying the weekend and being a fan was something that Callis really wanted to experience during All In/Starrcast weekend, and he said that he really enjoyed hanging out at the hotel to catch up with old wrestling buddies he has not seen in a while, as well as meeting wrestlers he looked up to. Callis mentioned names such as Kevin Nash, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Tully Blanchard, Magnum TA, and Road Warrior Animal, who he "hadn't seen since [1998]" when he was in the WWE.

While Callis overall had a fun weekend, there was one thing that he wishes stayed intact regarding respecting the kayfabe of heels staying in character around fans.

"I think there's too much familiarity, in my opinion, between fans and wrestlers," said Callis. "But I also see why it's good for business, so I don't have a quote-unquote 'problem' with it.


"I'll tell you one of the things I don't like, and it's not anyone specifically, but I think there are characters in wrestling. Like if you're a heel, if you're a strong heel, if you're a monster heel, like a Su Yung or an Undertaker, or those sorts of characters, I don't think you should be out selling gimmicks, signing autographs without your gimmick on. Your facepaint, or your hair, or whatever you do to yourself to get in this monster heel gimmick, I don't think you should be out there signing autographs and being nice to the fans.

"Because, I think now the fans will like it, but you're actually doing them a disservice, because if you've protected your gimmick as a heel properly...if you are an actual heel and you have actual heat, why would you want to screw that up by meeting [fans]. Like if you meet 100 fans over the course of a weekend, why would you want to spoil all the hard work that you've done and spoil what the fans have been enjoying about you by being a babyface to them? I just don't understand that."

Overall, Callis was very impressed that Cody and the Young Bucks were able to put on so many hats during All In, on top of wrestling matches. He does not like three-man booths, but he did feel that his team with Riccaboni and Excalibur was successful.


He also stated that the periods where he got a break from announcing during All In, he used the bathroom, grabbed coffee, and talked to Jeff Jarrett, who congratulated Callis for now being in charge of Impact Wrestling during a great conversation. He was happy to take a break during the show, but wishes he could call the Cody vs. Nick Aldis match.

Source: Killing the Town