Former TNA Star, Jesse Neal, appeared on the Cut The Promo Podcast (with host Jordan Garber) to talk about Sting, Rhyno, Homicide, and working in TNA. Here are some of the highlights.

Wrestling against Homicide:

"I had the honor and privilege to wrestle Homicide on my first house show. I had a blast doing it it was a full circle kind of thing. There are not too many locker rooms that I changed in that I remembered. I don't have a very good memory, but I'll tell you when me and Homicide were talking in the back, I remembered that locker room and it was because of that moment frozen in time in my head. I actually got to train with Homicide. He taught me a lot of stuff in the ring, instead of being at a training facility. Now it's me and Homicide wrestling in front of a crowd. It was amazing. He knew I was nervous. He was kind of my big brother and I will always respect that."

Training and working with Rhyno:

"It was like a dream. Literally everyday I was in TNA I was always taught to expect something different. Having the honor of Rhino not just training me, but behind the scenes and [on-screen], it was overwhelming to be honest with you. I was like 'You were in WWE and ECW and you wanna be in my storyline?' That's pretty cool man."

His first TNA house show:

"My very first house show was in Norfolk, VA. I was stationed there. I had brothers and sisters there from the ship I was on. It was a very good feeling. It was also my first house show where I became me and had the attitude to actually have the balls to become a pro wrestler. It was that town and it was that Navy that supported me and I'll always have that moment."


"It's always about respect when it comes to Sting. The road he's paved - especially when I was a kid - as a superhero character, and than I started working with him. He came up to me backstage in full gear / makeup and 'Stinged' out and everything, just giving me advice. At first, 'I'm like holy s---', this is when I was very new. He just gave me the best advice in the world and I've been doing it ever since."

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