Georges St-Pierre On Not Fighting Tyron Woodley, Paige VanZant Confirms Return, Fighter DQ'ed

- Paige VanZant confirmed with MMA Fighting that she will be part of the first ESPN card in the new year when the UFC debuts on the network. The card is scheduled for January as the beginning of a multi-year deal between the UFC and ESPN.

"The UFC came to me and asked when I would be able to fight again," VanZant said. "I was fortunate enough that it coincided with the first-ever ESPN card. I can't wait to be apart of such a ground-breaking moment in the UFC. It's a true honor."

VanZant has been recovering since suffering a broken arm in her loss to Jessica-Rose Clark. She had a second surgery to fix the injury earlier this year.

"It was super devastating being told that I had to go in for surgery a second time," VanZant said. "I felt very defeated because I had to go through the healing process all over again. It was like the first six months was a total waste. I have been very careful after this surgery making sure I'm doing everything perfectly with recovery and getting back into the cage at 100 percent."

VanZant is set to marry fellow fighter Austin Vanderford later this month.

- As far as Georges St-Pierre is concerned, "fighting is a very complex thing," and that's why he isn't interested in a meeting with current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

St-Pierre, in an interview with FanSided recently, further explained why he is content with Woodley proclaiming himself to be the king of the division. GSP previously held the belt for several years, relinquishing it when he retired.

"Fighting is a very complex thing," St-Pierre said. "I actually think it is good for him to think he is the greatest welterweight of all-time because it makes him confident and confidence has a big role for a fighter. But there are other fighters out there who can claim the same thing.

"The greatest is hard to say, there is also another guy named Matt Hughes who at one point was one of the greatest. There are some fighters, I'm not saying Tyron Woodley is one of these guys - he is an incredible fighter - but there are guys in this sport sometimes they become champion and they have an easier time than others in terms of opponent, in terms of challenges. Tyron had to go through great fighters like Stephen Thompson and his last performance was outstanding against Darren Till."

St-Pierre ended his retirement last year and won the middleweight title with a victory over Michael Bisping. He vacated that title, though, without ever defending it and has not fought since.

- Austin Batra made a name for himself this past weekend, but not in the right way. Batra scored a victory over Perry Hayer via knockout at Battlefield Fight League 57, but his actions immediately after the finish caused him to get disqualified and become infamous online.

Batra can be seen in the video below courtesy Fight For Something landing his finishing strike. As the referee comes in to protect Hayer and end the bout, though, Batra flies in for a leaping attack.


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