Goldberg Talks Brock Lesnar Returning To UFC, Hulk Hogan's WWE Reinstatement

If there is one rivalry which stands out above the rest in terms of Goldberg's WWE stints, it would be his battles with Brock Lesnar. The Beast's contract expired in August and most predict another return to UFC is on the horizon for Lesnar.


Goldberg talked with Inside the Ropes about Lesnar possibly returning to the octagon and why UFC is so important to his mystique.

"Show me another guy who can do [UFC]," said Goldberg. "You gotta have cojones. You gotta have a special ability. You gotta have a desire to do certain things. Brock is a different human being. Brock is a guy who reinvents himself all the time and who capitalizes on opportunities that others don't have the cojones to capitalize on."

Goldberg is also closely aligned with Hulk Hogan and it was defeating Hogan in the Georgia Dome 20 years ago that gave Goldberg his only WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Hogan was recently reinstated by WWE after three years of being banned for racist remarks. Goldberg was asked if he thought his return could be a positive thing for WWE moving forward.


"Well if WWE didn't think it could be a positive thing, he never would have been reinstated," Goldberg bluntly stated.

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Source: Inside The Ropes