IMPACT Wrestling Recap (9/28): Tessa Blanchard Defends, Scarlett Bordeaux's Announcement, Moose

The show opens with a recap from last week's show from Mexico City. Tessa Blanchard and Faby Apache get into an argument in the backstage area. The Machine Brian Cage ran out to assist Pentagon Dark and Fenix against Sami Callihan and OVE, and Austin Aries successfully defended the IMPACT heavyweight championship against Texano. Clips of Johnny Impact calling out Aries, and returning to attack the man who tried to end his career. Commentators ask: "Are we looking at the next champion in Johnny Impact?"

Opening Intro

Commentary team reminds us that we are 17 nights away from Bound For Glory.Tessa Blanchard is on her way out to the ring for the first matchup of the evening. It's for Tessa's Knockouts championship. Her opponent: Faby Apache.

Tessa Blanchard versus Faby Apache for the IMPACT Knockouts championship

Both women are jawing at each other as the bell rings. Faby nails Tessa with a dropkick and gains early advantage with a superkick. Frankensteiner by Faby and an early cover. Two count. Tessa counters a running attack from Faby and catches her own superkick on the ropes. Saito-suplex and Tessa is now in full control.

Nice sequence where Faby rolls up Tessa but transitions into a reverse-figure-four leg-lock, but Tessa gets to the ropes. Back on their feet, Faby lands a modified piledriver and almost gets the win! Faby attempts a superplex but Tessa pushes her off. Top rope codebreaker! Two count but it was close.

Faby tries to use her speed to regain momentum but Tessa catches her with her buzzsaw DDT. That's it.

Tessa Blanchard retains the Knockout championship by pinfall

Afterwards Tessa gets on the microphone and says she has run through the entire locker room, and has even defeated the best that Mexico had to offer. That makes her the best wrestler on the planet. She calls herself, "the diamond of the knockouts division."

Taya appears on the titantron. She says she's had to listen to Tessa run her mouth about being the best, but she can't say any of that because she's never faced her. She challenges her for the Knockout title at Bound For Glory. Tessa leaves before announcing if she'll accept.

Advertisement hyping the Johnny Impact and Austin Aries title match.

Backstage Eddie Edwards is with Alisha holding a kendo stick. He's looking forward to getting revenge on Moose, but Alisha berates him for trying to attack three men by himself. Johnny Impact walks up and says that tonight they face Killer Kross and Moose, and that they'll need to watch each other's backs, especially if Aries is at ringside.

Promo from Sami Callihan and OVE. Sami says that Bound For Glory'ssellout is because of them. Callihan says that he wants to give his team some love, so he tells Jake Crist that he's going up against Brian Cage...tonight. Crist isn't too pleased at first, but Sami slaps him across the face to motivate him. They then claim that they'll be taking over "EVERYTHING."

Promo from Eli Drake walking around Mexico City, talking with the people asking them if they'll come to IMPACT next week to see him challenge all the luchadores.

OVE is out. Jake Crist gets in the ring with Sami and brother Dave on the outside for support. The Machine comes out next.

Brian Cage versus Jake Crist

Cage bull rushes Jake into the corner. Shoulder thrusts followed by a big backdrop. Cage rushes Jake again but misses and hits the ringpost. This sends him to the outside where Sami Callihan throws him into the railing and hits a tornado DDT.

Back in the ring Jake tries to wear Cage down, targeting the arm. He latches onto Cage with an armbar, but Cage uses his power to slam him off his knee. Jumping knee from Cage, and a 619! He goes to the top rope and lands a flying elbow. Cover but only a two count.

Crist gets caught by Cage in the corner, and Cage destroys him with an Alabama Slam. Jake lands a few quick strikes to knock Cage down. He climbs the turnbuckles but Cage meets him up there. Jumping cutter from Jake! Cover but only a one count and now Cage is PISSED. Drill-claw driver and that's it.

Sami Callihan and Dave Crist immediately jump Cage after the match is over. He low-blows the machine. Lights go out. When they come back on Dave Crist is gone. Pentagon and Fenix appear on the titantron and they have Dave hostage! They pound on him with kendo sticks and superkicks. Cage takes that chance to double-clothesline Sami and Jake Crist out of the ring. Tope Con Hilo from Cage! Sami and Jake flee.

Backstage Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross are being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. AA feels very sorry for Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards because they have to go up against the monsters that are Kross and Moose. Moose says that Eddie Edwards is starting to tick him off because he thinks he's dangerous. "He's not. I'm dangerous." Kross pipes in and says that Johnny Impact is a virus, and that tonight he's going to make him Johnny neckbrace.

Advertisement for Chris Jericho's Cruise. Young Bucks vs. Lax, Sami Callihan vs. Marty Scurll, and much more!

Flashback moment of the week shows a brutal 2006 showdown between LAX against Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles.

Back to the show and Grado & Joe Hendry are backstage. Katarina comes up and tells Grado how much she's missed him. They give her a couple bars of "Access Denied." She says she has a gift for them. It's a big dude who turns out to be Murder Clown. Joe versus Murder Clown is set for next week's IMPACT.

Short interview with Scarlett Bordeaux who gloats about her accomplishments and announces that she is in search of future talents.

Our next matchup is the Desi Hit Squad taking on LAX. Gama Singh introduces his team first. Konnan accompanies his team to the ring.

Desi Hit Squad versus LAX

Santana and Raju start off. Quick displays of athleticism from both men. Ortiz tags in and LAX double-teams Raju. Ortiz gets tripped by Singh and Raju takes advantage with a dropkick to the head. Hit Squad is in control early on.

Singh tags in and works over Ortiz in his teams corner. Sidewalk slam. Quick tags from the Desi Hit Squad and they use tandem attacks to wear down Ortiz. Snap suplex by Raju. Ortiz mounts a comeback but Raju pulls off Santana before he can make a tag. Eventually he tags in and lands a crossbody on Singh, lights him up with chops, and hits a running sic kick. Suicide dive from Santana to Raju.

Back in the ring Singh lights up Santana with a forearm, but Ortiz comes in and LAX double team Singh. Standing moonsault and LAX nearly wins but Raju makes the save. Lungblower and more double-teaming from Desi Hit Squad. All four men are in the ring and there' action all over the place. LAX hit's their Street-Sweeper finisher for the win.

LAX wins by pinfall

During LAX's celebration the OGz pop up on the titantron. King taunts Konnan and promises him a beating at Bound For Glory. He pulls out an old wrestling advert from Mexico City that has a very young Konnan displayed on it. He talks about the mask Konnan lost and says then he started leaching off people like Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. Segment ends with him lighting Konnan's old mask on fire.

We see Fallah Bahh reading a story to KM, who's asleep in a neck brace. Fallah sings a lullaby. KM wakes up and thanks him for watching over him. He tells Fallah that he needs to get revenge for what was done to them.

Tessa accepts Taya's challenge. She says that when she showed up to IMPACT Taya disappeared.

More tag-team action is next. Kiera Hogan and Allie are out first, followed by their opponents Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor.

Kiera Hogan & Allie versus Su Yung & Undead Maid of Honor

Allie and Su Yung trade blows to open things up. Running clothesline from Allie and an early cover. Yung and UMOH take advantage and wear Allie down. She almost makes the tag but Kiera gets pulled off the apron. Palm strike from Yung. Two count.

Su goes for the Panic Switch but Allie fights out. Double boot. Double clothesline. Both women down.

Su is up and tries to knock Kiera off the apron prior to Allie making the tag. Hogan blocks Su and delivers a strike and then tags in.

Kiera explodes from the hot tag attacking both Su and UMOH. Goes for a big DDT but UMOH knocks her down. Allie in and both her and Kiera deal a kick to the Maid of Honor. Su locks the mandible claw in but Allie superkicks her. Kiera with a swinging neckbreaker on Su and that's it.

Kiera Hogan and Allie win by pinfall.

Following the match there is a prerecorded segment with a meditating Matt Sydal, and Rich Swann who interrupts him. He says that he's done with the meditation and next week Sydal better be ready, because he's going to..."whoop that ass."

It's main event time. Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards are out followed by Moose, Killer Kross, and the IMPACT heavyweight champion Austin Aries.

Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards versus Moose & Killer Kross

Kross and Moose keep tagging in to frustrate Eddie. Eddie tags in Johnny but he is met with a double-team from the bigger men. Final commercial of the night.

Eddie is back in the ring ring. Kross catches him with a vicious spinebuster. He pounds on the smaller man to wear him down. Eddie tries to tag out, but Moose drills him with a standing dropkick. Kross with a giant swing, but Eddie gets away and makes the hot tag to Johnny. Johnny gets Kross down and goes for his twisty top rope elbow, but Kross rolls out of the way, and he and Kross lay each other out with a double clothesline.

Moose and Eddie are back in while Kross and Johnny go to the floor. Kross throws Johnny into the crowd, but he lands on the guardrail, then comes back and hits a rolling neckbreaker. Eddie and Moose are going at it. Eddie lands a Blue Thunder Bomb! Cover but only two. Moose responds with a headbutt but Johnny superkicks Moose out of nowhere. Kross clotheslines take him out with a clothesline.

Austin Aries gets in with his belt in hand to take a swing at Johnny, but Johnny grabs the belt and nails destroys AA with it. He plays to the crowd, but doesn't notice Kross as he comes in and hits a backdrop suplex. Eddie hits Kross with the his kendo stick, but then eats a spear from Moose. Three count.

Moose and Killer Kross win by pinfall.

They celebrate in the ring. That's the show.


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