Impact Wrestling Results (9/6): Tessa Blanchard Defends Championship, Petey Williams, Desi Hit Squad

Welcome to our live coverage of Impact Wrestling for Thursday, September 6th, 2018. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show — and while we're doing so, you all can chime in with your thoughts in the "Comments" section below.

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Brief Overview

When the show first opens, we get a brief overview of what we can expect tonight. This is the first episode since the critically acclaimed Redefined. Tessa Blanchard is coming to battle Su Yung for the Knockouts title. Eli Drake is going to have an open challenge. And there's Joe Hendry vs. Grado vs. the Desi Hit Squad.

Rich Swann vs. Petey Williams

Last week, Rich Swann defeated Petey Williams, and he's facing off against him yet again tonight. Williams has the home-field advantage thanks to the show taking place in Toronto tonight. But the first surprise of the night came courtesy of Matt Sydal, who joined Josh Mathews and Don Callis for the commentary, rooting for Rich Swann.

Williams showed early strength with a drop-kick to Swann, who retaliated with a throw to the mat that injured them both. Swann pinned Williams but could only get him down for a two-count. Williams then hit Swann with a hurried counter. Swann countered with a school-boy and a handspring cutter.

Swann then hit Williams with a lethal injection. Things are getting pretty nasty. It looked like Swann was going to take it, but a mis-timed slam from the top rope gave the match to the Canadian Destroyer. It didn't help that Sydal distracted Swann with the "third eye" babble. Looks like there will be a Swann/Sydal face-off next.

Winner: Petey Williams

Desi Hit Squad vs. Joe Hendry & Grado

We're treated to a terrible FWB song courtesy of Joe Hendry before this match kicks off with all the smoke for the Desi Hit Squad. (The FWB song pays off for Hendry in the end, though, because he gets a smack in the face from Grato's wife, Katarina. He then rants on about "platonic love" to her. Oh Lord Jesus be a Young and the Restless plotline for these two...)

Hendry was able to get Rohit on the mat twice for a two-count, but couldn't quite claim victory.

That's when Grado got tagged in and did his fair share of damage. Rohit was also able to pin Grado for a two-count, but couldn't claim victory either.

Rohit Raju & Gursinger Singh came back, again, and gave Grado a leg-sweep. Joe Hendry delivered a nice running knee to Rohit, and got a slam in the back from Gursinger for his trouble. Hendry managed to get the entire Desi Hit Squad slammed before tagging Grato into the match. Even though Grato got in his licks, the Desi Hit Squad snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Winner: Desi Hit Squad

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week

Bully Ray was featured in this week's promo, and Hulk Hogan was cheering him on from outside the cage. Aces and Eights, indeed, sir. Bully Ray took himself home the World Heavyweight Championship belt, though. Yes he did!

But not everyone's a fan...

Eli Drake vs. Stone Rockwell

Eli Drake is someone who gets off on calling everyone "dummies," and refers to himself in the third person, so it makes perfect sense that he would be paired off against Stone Rockwell, who has his own Impact Wrestling show on Twitch. He's answered the Open Challenge that Eli Drake put forth.

After a skit that dragged on for way too long, Drake finished him off in 30 seconds with a gravy train.

Winner: Eli Drake

Knockouts Championship Match: Tessa Blanchard vs. Su Yung

Before we could get to the Knockouts Championship match, we got to see a skit with Alisha Edwards walking in on Moose Austin Aries and Killer Cross. She's too cute to be dealing with this nonsense, day in and day out.

The Undead Bride wants the Championship back from Tessa Blanchard, and she came prepared to fight. Tessa certainly has the celebrity cache going for her, with her video making TMZ right after Redefined. The commentators love her, too.

Tessa tried to pin Su early, but only got one tap, and Su countered with a Panic Switch. Su tried to give Tessa the Toxic Glove, but Tessa ran out of the ring, calling her "crazy" in the process.

Su and Tessa then traded submissions, with Tessa getting Su in the Indian Deathlock that won her the championship last week. She then got Su into a Short-Armed Clothesline and a Great Saito Suplex. Su, however, would not submit.

That's when Tessa got herself a chair and started beef with the referee when he told her she wasn't going to use it. But Su certainly used it — she got Tessa into the chair and gave her a suplex. They trade some more submissions, and Tessa cracked her rib when she came off the top rope cutter. The match is just getting started, and the reality is starting to set in that Tessa may be injured.

We come back from break to see Tessa throwing forearms, but Su knocking her into the turnbuckle. Tessa finally hit Su with a Buzz Saw to retain her Championship title. Nice match!

But wait, it's not over! Su hit Tessa with the Panic Switch, then grabbed the Championship belt and stuffed Tessa in a coffin. Before she could close it, though, Allie and Kiera gave Su the old one-two before getting Tessa out of the coffin. Tessa, of course, was as unappreciative as ever, gloating that she — not they — had the Championship title.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Then this happened...

Zachary Wentz, Trey Miguel, Ace Austin vs. Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist (a/k/a oVe)

We're finally up to the main event: a six-man tag-team match.

Zach Wentz dived off the back of Callihan to catch Jake Crist. Dave Crist got a smack from Trey Miguel. But Ace Austin got his licks in on EVERYBODY. He did not come to play tonight, no sir, he did not!

They put up a good fight, but unsurprisingly, the oVe took home the win, thanks to a brutal stuffed Piledriver by Sami Callihan right onto Ace Austin.

Winner: oVe — Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist

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