Impact Wrestling Results (9/13): Austin Aries Vs. Fallah Bahh, Lucha Bros. In Action, Johnny Impact

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Last Week's Recap

The cold open of the show featured a recap of last week, including a review of Tessa Blanchard's win.

Live from Toronto!

Today's episode is live from Toronto, and kicks off with Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross coming into the ring. Austin Aries, of course, took to the ring to smack-talk — "I'll knock two of those three chins off your face!" LOL — and reminded the audience that each person who stepped up to the trio's friendship "has been put down."

Moose then took the mic to promise to check on Eddie's wife, and Austin told him to bring her a six-pack of beer.

Just then, K.M. and Fallah Bahh entered the ring. Aries, of course, plugged his new book Food Fight, and snarked that we weren't allowed to fat-shame anyone anymore.

K.M. then snarked that Aries was not "the greatest man alive" or the "greatest man that ever lived," but that he was a liar and an absolutely horrendous world champion (Aries snarked that K.M. was never a world champion). K.M. then took his grievance up with Moose to remind him that he stabbed Eddie Edwards in the back, and he should now be called "Douche" instead of "Moose."

Aries then tried to diffuse the situation by offering Fallah Bahh a shot at the Impact World Championship. Despite K.M. snarling that he didn't trust Aries, Fallah Bahh agreed to the match.

To say that Don Callis and Josh Matthews were excited would be an understatement. Callis said that Fallah Bahh was stepping to the "most dangerous group in professional wrestling."

Lucha Bros. vs. Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee

Fenix & Pentagon Jr. took up a tag-team match against the North Carolina natives. The Lucha Brothers are, in fact, a fan favorite in Toronto, with the crowd chanting "Lucha!"

The Lucha Bros. did not disappoint, taking down Konley and Lee rather quickly, and knocking them out of the ring with a dropkick.

And even though Fenix used a dropkick springboard on the pair, Caleb and Trevor came back strong and used some tag-team work to take down Fenix. Fenix came back to tag Pentagon Jr. to deliver matching rolling cutters and take down the Cult of Lee.

And though it looked like the Luchas were going to take it, Trevor Lee came back with a fury. They traded assaults for a little while before taking out the Cult of Lee with the Fear Factor.

Winner: Lucha Brothers

Of course, the Lucha win was punctuated by the oVe coming in via satellite to talk that trash-talk, and remind them and the crowd that they're going to face off at the Bound for Glory match next month.

Backstage, K.M. was giddy with the knowledge that Fallah Bahh may be taking home the Championship, because then they would be "co-champions." Fallah Bahh, however, wasn't so sure. K.M. then let Eli Drake know that Fallah Bahh was up against Austin Aries for the championship tonight, and asked him for his help with providing some invaluable advice.

Eli, however, wasn't sanguine about Bahh's chances.

Flashbacks and Backstage Interviews

The Flashback Moment featuring Kevin von Erich was absolutely amazing, of course. But then Allie took to her backstage interview to inform the crowd that even though she didn't like Tessa Blanchard, she was terrified of Su Young, and she knew that "her reign of terror" was far from over, even though she isn't the champion anymore.

Tessa Blanchard, meanwhile, trashed Allie and felt that she didn't owe her anything. She also promised to hold on to her championship.

Alisha vs. Katarina

Katarina got burned badly last week when Joe Hendry informed her that he only loved her "platonically," so she's ready to nurse her broken heart in the ring against Alisha. (Nice outfit, BTW, Katarina.)

But before the ladies could kick off their match, Joe Hendry and Grado took to the ring, with Grado wearing an ill-fitted suit that belonged somewhere in a 3rd Bass video in 1991.

Joe Hendry then came out with another song — all together now! "Access deniiiieeeeddddd!" — letting Katarina know she wasn't getting any of the Scottish sausage. This distressed her, and that caused Alisha to take her down rather quickly.

We've all been there, girl.

Winner: Alisha

Meanwhile, backstage, Fallah Bahh found himself some inspiration in Scarlett, the Smoke Show. Hey, whatever works.

Johnny Impact Interview

There was then an exclusive interview with Johnny Impact with Josh Matthews, who phoned it in with the wrestler after he lost the match against Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross.

"The longer I spend in the business, the more frustrating injuries get," he said. "My neck is damaged. My elbow is damaged. It's going to take me a while to get back, but hopefully I'm back in time for Bound for Glory."

Impact also revealed that it was "stupid" to ignore Moose and Killer Kross. But he also said that it's "pretty revealing" that Aries surrounded himself with "goons," because he said that was a sign that Aries was "insecure."

The Fraternity vs. LAX

LAX and The OGs will face off at Bound for Glory, but before that happens, they're facing off against the Fraternity now. Ortiz kicked off the match by beating Channing Decker with a chancleta — NICE!

But after the Fraternity pinned Ortiz, Santana gave each of the boys an open-slap to the face. The Fraternity then delivered the Eiffel Tower to Santana. But Santana proved he was a superior wrestler when he started running wild.

And he ultimately snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Winner: LAX

But right after the match, King of the OGz took to the ring to talk smack about Richie, the "child he hit with the car." He also kept taunting LAX to break the ceasefire.

In his backstage interview, Austin Aries compared himself to Santa Claus, and promised Fallah Bahh that his match against him was going to end "in defeat." He bragged that there may not be a "Bound for Glory" at the rate they were going, because he kept taking out all his opponents.

But there will be a Bound for Glory one way or another, because the Impact Hall of Fame will be returning, and presented by

Meanwhile, Swann threw his support behind Bahh, but Sydal told him that he was "foolish" for doing so. "How can you help others when you can't help yourself?" he said.

Kongo Kong vs. Brian Cage

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object — this isn't the first time they've faced off, and they certainly will face off again after this.

Kongo Kong got him down early, but only for a two-count. Kongo has sneaky athleticism, so this might be pretty good.

Even though Kongo missed slamming him from the top rope, he managed to get a few licks in, even with a crossbody, before Cage pinned him down for a two-count after a powerslam and a moonsault.

The duo went back and forth for a little while, before Cage defeated Kongo Kong with an F5.

Winner: Brian Cage

Brian Cage then took to the mic to promise to decimate "each and every one of you," before accepting a tag-team challenge with the Luchas against oVe and Sami Callahan. What an exciting all-star match this promises to be!

Main Event: Fallah Bahh vs. Austin Aries

So now we get to the main event.

Austin Aries is, of course, getting booed. It's the Underdog vs. the Top Dog, and it should be interesting to see who takes this home.

It starts out simple — the two are feeling each other out — in the final match on Impact in Toronto. Next week, they'll be in Mexico, and all this on the Road to Bound for Glory.

Aries showed off his athleticism, by kicking it off with a few cartwheels. But while Aries continued to show off his skills, Bahh used his sheer mass to stop Aries in his tracks.

But Aries was able to take over thanks to a well-timed chop-lock. Aries isn't above doing illegal moves, but tried to get Fallah Bahh up for a brainbuster finishing move.

Fallah Bahh countered with a suplex. His sheer mass worked in his favor, and he dropped the champion twice. But he could only pin Aries for a two-count. Even a Belly-to-Belly could only get Aries out with a two-count. Aries got Bahh with a Discus Elbow, but Bahh managed to get Aries down for a two-and-a-half.

Ultimately, Aries retained with the Last Chancery, which got Bahh to tap out.

K.M. got into the ring, but the Moose and the Killer Kross went for him with a fury. They took him out with a chair move. Yikes.

Winner: Austin Aries

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