Impact Wrestling Results (9/20): Faby Apache's Victory, Plus Austin Aries Defends Title, Lucha Bros.

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Live from Mexico!
For the first time ever, Impact Wrestling comes to you live from Mexico City, Mexico.

oVe vs. Aerostar, Hijo del Vikingo, and Laredo Kid

The six-man tag-team match was a great way to start off the night in Mexico, and Hijo del Vikingo — the son of Vikingo — showed a great deal of athleticism early on. His compatriots were just as impressive: not even some lethal kicks to the chest from Jake Crist could slow down the Laredo Kid, and Aerostar stood on the Laredo Kid's shoulders to take out oVe from the top rope with a shooting star press.

oVe, however, came out swinging, and even though their first Triple Tombstone proved to be too soon, their triple cover after the All Seeing Eye served to give them the win.

Winner: oVe

Matt Sydal's New Tag Team Partner?
Matt Sydal tried to hype Rich Swann with more of his enlightened talk, which earned him a side-eye and a "what the HELL are you talking about?" (we were wondering the same thing...). Sydal announced that he was going to team up, instead, with Swann, and they'll be facing the Lucha Brothers tonight.

Eli Drake vs. Trevor Lee

Eli Drake proves he's the heel that everyone loves to hate in every language when he invites yet again another challenger, taunting that he's only seen "basura" (trash) these past few weeks.

In walked Trevor Lee, and Drake got the jump on him early. Trevor, however, got a superman punch in on Drake, and while the two were able to scuffle respectibly for some time, Eli Drake managed to finish Trevor Lee off with a gravy train. This was definitely a nice switch from previous weeks, where the matches would only last a few seconds at most, but the question of Drake chasing a title still remains.

Winner: Eli Drake

King & the O.G.'s vs. Kronos
Even though the ceasefire continues, King made it clear — prior to this match — that he wanted to send a message to Konnan, and to try to break the ceasefire with LAX.

This was a quick match that was settled quickly thanks to a cutter by Homicide. King's intent was to send a message to Konnan via Kronos, but Konnan is still — as of now — unbothered.

He does, however, want a Concrete Jungle Death Match at Bound for Glory.

Winner: King & the O.G.'s

Alisha Edwards vs. Faby Apache

Boston native Alisha Edwards faced off against Mexico's own Faby Apache, the granddaughter of Gran Apache, who got a hometown welcome when she entered the ring.

Faby also had the upper hand in the match, too, when she delivered an early snapmare and a leg-drop, but was only able to pin her for a two-count.

Faby then delivered a surfboard, but Alisha briefly turned it with a hurricanrana around and pinned Faby for a two-count.

Faby Apache, however, took home the victory with a hard-flying kick and a powerbomb, and subsequently pinned Alisha for a three-count. Given that Tessa Blanchard gave Faby Apache a world of crap backstage, this was nothing if not delightful, especially after Faby Apache announced that she'd like to face Tessa Blanchard next week. Welp!

Winner: Faby Apache

Meanwhile, Backstage...

Rich Swann and Matt Sydal vs. The Lucha Brothers

The Luchas came into the ring to chants of "cero miedo!" ("no fear!") from the crowd. But Swann and Fenix showed great athleticism early on by trading backflips in the ring. But the Luchas proved they were a force to be reckoned with thanks to a super powerbomb and double-stomp combo that took Swann to the mat.

And things got very bad, very quickly for Swann and Sydal, as Fenix nailed a double-cutter on the American duo.

And while Swann certainly made a strong showing with Sydal with the double standing hurricanranas, ultimately, the Luchas took home the victory. The Luchas upcoming match at Bound for Glory is certainly going to be a scene-stealer.

Winner: The Lucha Brothers

Meanwhile, Backstage...

Joe Hendry's New Music Video

This writer cannot be the only one who enjoys the musical stylings of Joe Hendry, and his odes to his friendship with Grado — not to mention Grado's hilarious appearances in his music video — are Grammy worthy. Hell, give Joe Hendry an Oscar, too. Enjoy tonight's latest poppy goodness!

Abyss's Induction into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the legend!

Tejano Jr. vs. Austin Aries

The main event is finally upon us, and Austin Aries continues to defend his championship title on the way to Bound for Glory. Tejano Jr. learned early on that it wasn't wise to head-scissor Austin Aries, who has demonstrated incredible athleticism and an ability to get out of any take-down.

Moose and Killer Kross have kept their eyes on this match, and they were helpless as Tejano Jr. gave a superkick to Aries' chest — and followed it up with a whipping. Aries, meanwhile, retained his championship thanks to a well-timed brain-buster. Predictable, perhaps, but a good match nonetheless.

But God forbid it should end there! Johnny Impact came in and gave Austin Aries a good what-for, mostly as retribution for his defeat, and even went so far as to challenge Killer Kross and Moose to a fight. But no one wanted Johnny's smoke tonight — and Aries beat feet with the championship belt just in time!

Winner: Austin Aries

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