Jeff Hardy Teases Appearing At "Hell In A Cell" As Brother Nero, Reveals His Main Goal In WWE

Jeff Hardy took part in a media call this week to promote Sunday's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. Wrestling Inc. was on the call, below are the questions I asked Jeff:

* * * *

Jeff, you're the most recent addition to the list of Grand Slam Champions in the WWE in the modern format. Looking back at what you've accomplished so far in the WWE, what's your next aim or ambition to achieve in the company?

"Well, you know, it's coming up really soon. I mean, it's just days away, and I've been talking about it for the last eight years. The one thing I've never done in the WWE is (participate in) the Hell In A Cell match, and here we are. I'm in the Hell In A Cell with Randy Orton, and so I've been asking for it all this time, and now I have to see what I can do inside there. It's going to be very memorable; I'll do something that people won't forget. That's one to knock off my list as far as things that I want to do."

I was going to ask you that. You previously talked about wanting to participate in a Hell In A Cell match, something you never participated in. Is there anything else on your bucket list you'd want to cross off before you call it a day?

"I would like to win the world title again for sure. That's probably the main thing; back when me and my brother returned at WrestleMania 33 we won the tag team championships. It'd be good now that we are doing solo deals, in singles competition to be the world champion again. That's one thing for sure."

At Hell In A Cell, you will face a familiar foe in Randy Orton. Many remember the outrageous moments you both were involved in over a decade ago. Now that you will both square off inside the Hell In A Cell, what can we expect from the Charismatic Enigma?

"You can expect the unexpected. I think my thoughts are too big for my size sometimes. I got a lot of good ideas as far as what I can do inside that structure. And this Sunday, we are going to find out if what I'm thinking is possible or not. It's going to be a very memorable Jeff Hardy match."

When you and Matt returned to the WWE last year, obviously everything was different from when you were there the last time. What has been the biggest difference for you since returning to the company, either in terms of talent, the focus on women's division or anything else?

"Not much has changed as far as my position (is concerned). I feel kind of the same as I did before, (I'm) just a little older. There are a lot of new faces; The Shield is now? they are the main?eventers... I mean, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose? I've been in the ring with Dean and Seth, and Roman ? not yet. But hopefully that will happen in the future, and I forget, (but) there are quite a few new faces. But the family is still here. We've been coming here off and on since I was 16 years old. It's been 25 ? 26 years, whatever it has been. Not much has changed, other than the faces, and social media. That has probably been the biggest difference."

Finally, I got to ask you about something the fans were expecting to see when you returned to the WWE. With Woken Matt returning to his Woken Universe, while we've seen a few glimpses, was there any discussion about Brother Nero appearing on WWE programming, and is there a chance the WWE fans can see the alter ego of Jeff Hardy?

"Yeah, I think so. I mean, I kind of feel like me wearing the face paint now, and breaking out the white contacts ? it's like a modified version of Brother Nero. And that might take a completely drastic turn this Sunday at Hell In A Cell. I might really go all out as Brother Nero. And who knows? You might even see Willow. He may pop up here. From the Broken Universe, anything is possible!"