On a recent episode of The Apter Chat, Bill Apter interviewed Jim Cornette. Cornette did some impersonations and talked about the current landscape of wrestling, while also sharing some past wrestling stories. One topic of discussion was the Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler feud which Vince McMahon Sr., which he wasn’t too fond, of according to Cornette.

“Here’s the funny part, maybe the ironic part,” said Cornette. “Vince [McMahon] Sr. thought that it would be too ‘showbiz’, too entertainment and make the business look phony to have Andy Kaufman involved. Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler’s match was the one thing people believed most about wrestling in the last 35 years.”

Apter would go on to reveal that the Kaufman and Lawler story is the one angle that Vince McMahon Jr. wishes that he had. For Cornette, he thinks that McMahon missed out on the first major celebrity crossover.

“When you think about this, he had the chance to have the first major celebrity crossover in the modern era. I mean, celebs were playing with Gorgeous George years ago, but the modern era he got beat before Cyndi Lauper. Before Rock ‘n’ Wrestling. Before Liberace. Before WrestleMania, the whole nine yards, it was Andy Kaufman.”

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