Joey Janela Says He Will Be "Out For A Long While" Following Injury At Weekend Indie Event

As noted, Joey Janela injured his knee at an independent wrestling event this past weekend after he hit a cross body dive from the top rope and had landed badly on his left leg on the floor. After the event, Janela tweeted, "My knee is pretty swollen, but the good news is I can slightly bend it, slightly turn it and put pressure on it and baby step walk on it."

Janela had an MRI done this week posted an update on Twitter. Janela said that he completely tore and destroyed his PCL and MCL, an ACL sprain and several other issues. Janela said that he will need surgery and will be "out for a long while."

"This summer – the last two years – has been great, I never thought I'd make it this far in my wrestling career," Janela said. "When I come back, six – ten months from now, I'm going to be better than ever. Thank you!"

The full list of Janela's injury are below: