John Cena Reveals His "6th Move Of Doom" At WWE Live Event (Video)

Earlier this month, John Cena told fans he would be unveiling a new sixth move of doom at the September 1 WWE live event in Shanghai, China. Cena's Five Moves Of Doom included a flying shoulderblock, sitout hip toss, side-release spinout powerbomb, Five Knuckle Shuffle, and an Attitude Adjustment. Those moves have brought Cena plenty of wins, but now it might be time to add another powerful maneuver to his list. Thanks to his Project X training, Cena says he will be debuting a new move the next time we see him.

"With my studies here at the Jackie Chan Training Center, I have been able to work with some students and teachers and modify a skill," Cena said as he's adopted a new move that will pay homage to the Martial Arts he learned under the tutelage of the Jackie Chan Training Center.

Cena touted his new move's powerful nature and Chinese influence as something that he will be proud to debut.

"Not only is this a new maneuver that has a true foundation in Chinese culture which I am very proud of because I'd love to pay respect to my experience here," Cena said. "But [the new move] is extremely powerful so I'm excited to debut something that I've learned here so maybe I can take a piece of my Chinese experience back to the ring."

Well, Cena did indeed show off the new move on Elias and it was a backfist to the face with some theatrics before throwing the strike. Cena would pin Elias to get the victory, which you can see in the video below.

Cena is scheduled to appear at the WWE Super Show-Down in Australia on October 6 where he will team up with Bobby Lashley to take on Elias and Kevin Owens. With Owens "quitting" on this week's Raw, it's possible Elias' partner could change.


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