Over the past couple of years, former WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison has been expanding his television career from pro wrestling to acting. Since leaving WWE, Morrison has become the top star for companies such as AAA and Lucha Underground, as well as a top contender for the Impact Wrestling World Championship. In addition to his wrestling achievements, Morrison has also starred in the action film “Boone the Bounty Hunter,” and is also a part of the latest cast of “Survivor.”

Morrison spoke to Digital Journal to discuss his latest film, “Strange Nature,” which is described as “an eco-thriller, which covers the deformed amphibia phenomenon that began in the ’90s in Minnesota” as well as “examines how a small Midwestern town copes with the deadly malformations when they move beyond the ponds.”

“On the plus side, everybody involved worked really hard together, and it is a bigger part of the creative process than on a bigger show. It was really cool,” said Morrison. “The sense of camaraderie after finishing this project was really rewarding, and the bond you have with the people may last for years, or sometimes a lifetime.”

Like Morrison, others are endeavoring into acting as an alternative career to wrestling. Names such as John Cena and CM Punk are two people who are most recently spending more time in the film industry, joining others such as The Rock and Batista. Morrison had a message to wrestlers deciding to move over to film.

“Be patient,” Morrison encouraged. “Wrestling takes a long time and acting takes a long time. Both are very competitive. My advice is don’t take yourself out of the game, which basically means to be patient.”

Morrison can be seen on Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground, along with debuting on the newest season of Survivor, David vs. Goliath.

Source: Digital Journal