This past weekend at NJPW Destruction in Kobe, Jay White, YOSHI-HASHI and Will Ospreay teamed up to defeat Juice Robinson, David Finlay and Toa Henare. IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson is scheduled to defend his title against Cody this Sunday at NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed in Long Beach, California. Leading up to their match, Robinson claimed that he is the new ‘American Dream’.

“It would be really easy for me to sit here and say, ‘Cody, American Nightmare! Born with a silver spoon up his as*’, right?”, Juice said during his post ? match interview. “Cody is everything I am not; he has got a beautiful wife, a beautiful dog, millions of dollars, thousands of dollars ? worth of suits, drives around in nice cars? he’s the American Nightmare. He ain’t the American Dream. That belongs to me now. I’m the American Dream now. That’s true, right here, red, white and blue.

“The son of a machine operator. Cody was put on this earth to be a pro wrestler, ladies and gentlemen. And you know what? He backs it up, because he is a talented son ? of ? a ? gun. To get here right now for me, everything had to line up right. The planets had to line up, the stars had to line up. Everything had to work out just the way it did for me to stand right here with the U. S. Championship.”

Robinson noted that keeping his title will be hard, but he looks forward to facing Cody this Sunday.

“I know at Long Beach, Cody versus Juice for this right here (points to the title), we are going to find out who the best pro wrestler is. Getting it (title) was hard enough, but keeping it is going to be harder.”

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