The show started with a recap of last week’s episode where Lucha Underground champion Pentagon Dark defeated Hernandez in singles-action, but was later attacked by King Cuerno. Catrina admitted to Mil Muertes that she no longer loved him before having a brutal fist fight with Melissa Santos. This ended on a rooftop where Mil intervened and dropped Catrina to her death. Aerostar then appeared with a revived Fenx to reunite him with his girlfriend Melissa. Aerostar reminds her that it will take some time for him to return to his old self.

Show opens with Matt Striker and Vampiro informing us that Fenix is returning to action tonight, teaming up with his Lucha Super Friends Aerostar and Drago to face the Reptile Tribe for the Trios Championship in the main event.

Melissa Santos introduces our first matchup of the evening. It’s a Gift of the Gods Championship bout between champion El Dragon Azteca Jr. and challenger Ivelisse.

Ivelisse versus El Dragon Azteca Jr. for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Ivelisse gains an early advantage with a few nice arm drags, followed by frankensteiner from the middle rope. Dragon Azteca catches Ivelisse with a running crescent kick in the middle of her suicide dive attempt, and begins to work on the left arm to wear Ivelisse down. Azteca shows off some nice submission skills with a Boston Crab and a crossface, but Ivelisse uses her MMA background to escape.

Ivelisse begins a comeback and lands a gorgeous tornado DDT in the center of the ring but Azteca uses his power to regain control. The action shifts to the outside where Azteca misses a high-risk attempt and lands on the railing at ringside. Ivelisse nearly steals the matchup with a code red bomb, but Azteca kicks out at the last second.

Now on the top rope, Ivelisse and Azteca battle for positioning. Ivelisse attemps a superplex but the champion lands a headbutt to knock her off. Top role leg drop and it’s over.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. retains the Gift of the Gods Championship by pinfall.

After the match Azteca shows a great sign of respect by raising Ivelisse’s hand. Crowd cheers heavily. Matt Striker says Azteca intends on holding the belt until Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Joey Ryan and XO Lishus come out and congratulate Ivelisse on her valiant effort. They ask if she’d like to join them as a partner, and challenge whoever wins tonight’s trios title matchup in the near future. Ivelisse agrees, and a new team is formed.

King Cuerno is in action next as we go to commercial.

Cuerno is on his way out when Antonio Cueto appears from out of his office. He says that Cuerno attacking Pentagon Dark last week could put him in line to become the #1 contender for the Lucha Underground Championship. However, El Jefe says there is another man that is right in line for a title shot, and it’s a man that has been just as dangerous. He says whoever wins the upcoming matchup will battle Pentagon Dark next week for the LU Championship. Who is The Hunter facing? “A man who hates your guts,” according to Antonio. Mil Muertes.

King Cuerno versus Mil Muertes

Muertes charges Cuerno at the bell. He lays into him with 10 stiff clotheslines and a mean right hook. Cuerno uses his speed to avoid the Man of a Thousand Deaths but runs right into a powerslam. Muertes gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a running knee strike in the corner. Mil’s power proves to be too much and he gains advantage with a chokeslam.

Mil attempts an axe-handle from the second rope but gets caught with a knee. Both men trade fists in the center of the ring to the crowd’s delight. Fight moves to the outside. Referee Mary Elias tries to get them back in the ring but both men push him into the crowd before they continue brawling. Marty didn’t like that and calls for the bell disqualifying both men.

Match ends as a no-contest

Antonio Cueto comes out and tells Muertes and Cuerno that he rewards violence. He says that they both earned a shot at Pentagon Dark in a triple-threat match for the Lucha Underground Championship that will take place next week. Pentagon Dark comes out to pose with his title as Muertes and Cuerno continue to beat each other to a pulp.

Main event is next!

Melissa introduces the Lucha Super Friends first. Fenix comes out and carries himself much differently than he normally does. Striker and Vampiro both comment on his changed attitude.

Jake Strong comes out next with a microphone. He tells the Lucha Friends that if they win the titles tonight, he will challenge them next without any teammates, because he is a wrestler, and wrestler’s always beat luchadores. He claims that snapping their ankles makes him strong.

Reptile Tribe come’s out next.

Reptile Tribe (Kobra Moon, Daga, Jeremiah Snake) versus Lucha Super Friends (Aerostar, Fenix, Drago) for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship

Jeremiah and Drago start. The champs work him over in their corner with quick-tags and stiff chops. Vampiro continues to call out Fenix for his change in demeanor on commentary. Drago lands some offense of his own, landing a pair of tornado DDTs on Daga and Jeremiah.

Fenix enters the matchup and immediately gains the advantage for his team, nailing the Reptile Tribe with a series of quick kicks and high-risk maneuvers. He attempts to attack Kobra Moon but she slithers away. Fenx then tags in Aerostar, although, it’s over aggressive and catches Aerostar by surprise.

Aerostar comes in and hits a corkskrew crossbody and a handspring cutter on Dagabut gets blindsided by Jeremiah and worked over in the corner again.

Lucha Super Friends try to get Fenix to attempt a suicide dive, but instead he nails Aerostar with a superkick!!! Melissa is stunned on the outside screaming at Fenix. He hits Aerostar with a muscle buster driver and then exits the ring. Jeremiah comes in and picks up the pieces.

The Reptile Tribe retains the Lucha Undergound Trios Championship by pinfall.

Melissa refuses to announce the winning team, so Kobra Moon does the honors on the microphone herself. As the celebrate Melissa catches up to a zombie-esque Fenix on the outside to see what’s troubling him. He grabs her and shoves her down, drooling with intensity. This brings out El Dragon Azteca Jr. to help Melissa get to her feet.

Vampiro and Striker are stunned. They sign off, and tell us to join them next week for the LU Championship triple-threat between Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, and King Cuerno.

Epilogue sees Antonio Cueto propping open a beer in his office when Marty the Moth knocks on his door. He drops a stack of cash on Antonio’s table. “What are you buying?” Cueto asks. Marty states that his sister bought a Gift of the Gods Championship matchup for that much, and now he wants to do the same. Antonio grants him the matchup for next week. Mary reveals there’s one more thing he wants, but the show fades to black before he can reveal what it is.