The episode begins with a recap of last week’s events. Fenix returned and teamed with longtime friends Aerostar and Drago to challenge the Reptile Tribe for the Lucha Underground trios championship. Fenix turned on his comrades costing them the matchup and shoved his girlfriend Melissa Santos on the ground after she questioned his actions. Fortunately the Gift of the Gods champion El Dragon Azteca Jr. came out to aide Santos before Fenix did any physical harm. Also shown is the meeting between Marty the Moth and Antonio Cueto, where Marty pays Cueto a large sum of money for a shot at Azteca’s title for tonight. Mary then exclaimed that he wanted one more thing… but we are never shown what he asked for.

Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show and hype up the night’s festivities, including the aforementioned Gif of the Gods title match between Marty the Moth and El Dragon Azteca Jr, and a triple-threat bout for the Lucha Underground championship between Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, and King Cuerno.

Melissa Santos is in the ring to announce our first matchup of the evening. She introduces Fenix, but her delivery is cold, distant, and joyless.

He’s taking on his Super Lucha Friend, Aerostar.

Aerostar versus Fenix

Fenix opens up the fight with a stiff jumping thrust kick. Aerostar responds with a dropkick of his own and a twisting codebreaker but Fenix uses his quickness to catch Aerostar with a cutter. Fenix looks completely void of any soul, his eyes blank, and drool coming from his mouth. Matt Striker says he believes that Fenix is drifting in and out of reality. Fenix mounts Aerostar and unloads on him with fists.

Action shifts to the outside where Aerostar lands a modified Tope Con Hilo to take control.

Fenix dodges an attack and slams Aerostar into the metal gate near the fans in the Temple. He walks past Melissa and gives her a dead glare much like he did last week. Melissa can barely look at him without becoming emotional. Back inside the ring, Fenix lands a swanton bomb. Cover but only two.

Fenix continues to wear Aerostar down but gets caught in a mexican destroyer, followed by a jumping DDT. Aerostar attempts a running strike but Fenix catches him again and places him on the top turnbuckle. After a few slaps, Fenix hits his new finisher, a muscle-buster driver combination for the victory.

Fenix wins by pinfall

Post match Fenix continues to assault his old friend, while Melissa screams from ringside for him to stop. He drools all over Aerostar. Melissa implores Fenix to get help, but instead he confronts her face to face, and looks as if he’s going to attack. This brings out El Dragon Azteca Jr who pushes him away. Fenix attacks him with a jumping spin kick, puts Azteca on the apron, and hits him with the muscle-buster driver.

As Fenix leaves, Striker informs us that Azteca will be defending his Gift of the Gods championship next.

Back from break, Azteca is being attended by medical staff. This brings out Antonio Cueto who tells Azteca that since it doesn’t look like he can compete, that he forfeits the title to Marty the Moth. Azteca refuses, and says that he’ll fight, injuries and all. This makes Cueto very happy, who then tells Melissa to announce the match.

Marty Martinez versus El Dragon Azteca Jr for the Gift of the Gods championship

Marty rushes out from the gates and lands a jumping thrust kick. He targets the head and neck that Fenix already softened up for him. Azteca responds with an arm-drag and a series of quick strikes. Marty regains control with some head cranks and a neckbreaker. He even tries to rip off Azteca’s mask in the process.

Marty attempts a move from the top rope but Azteca pushes him off.

Springboard frankensteiner by Azteca followed up by a Tope Con Hilo over the ring post. Back in the ring Azteca nearly wins the match after hitting a tremendous tornado DDT. Vampiro and Striker highlight that Azteca’s mission since he won the Gift of the Gods is to defend it all the way until Ultima Lucha Cuatro, where he’d cash-in for a chance to become Lucha Underground champion. Just as that happens Marty lands a vicious inverted DDT to win the matchup.

Marty the Moth Martinez wins by pinfall to become the Gift of the Gods champion

Marty celebrates as the crowd reigns him with boos. Striker says that any Gift of the Gods champion has to give Antonio Cueto a one week notice before cashing-in for a shot at the LU championship.

Main event is next!

Segment featuring Paul London and the leader of the Rabbit Tribe. London says he sacrificed his teammates to appease him, but the tribe leader simply yawns. He asks London to point him to the direction of the Temple because he’s getting a little stir-crazy, and is looking to get out. London happily agrees.

The Hunter King Cuerno is out first, followed by the Man of a 1000 deaths. The champion, Pentagon Dark, comes out last and riles up the crowd with his famous “Cero Miedo” chant.

Pentagon Dark versus King Cuerno versus Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground championship

Pentagon and Cuerno go after Muertes, but Mil overpowers them, stacks them in the corner, and lands 10 clotheslines. Temporary alliance for Cuerno and Pentagon, who lay out Muertes with a double superkick sending him to the outside. Pentagon tricks Cuerno into going for a suicide dive and surprises him with a gut kick. Tope Con Hilo by Pentagon to Muertes.

Still on the outside, Muertes rips Pentagon’s mask to expose his face. He hip tosses the champion into the second row of the fans. This leaves Cuerno and Muertes to battle in the ring, where Cuerno catches Muertes with backbreaker. Pentagon rushes back in and lands an enziguri on Muertes, followed by a double-stomp from the top rope.

Cuerno hits the thrill of the hunt on Pentagon, but Muertes breaks up the pin and then chokeslams Cuerno. Pentagon hits a backstabber on Muertes sending him to the outside. This frees up Pentagon to land the package piledriver on Cuerno for the victory.

Pentagon Dark wins by pinfall to retain the Lucha Underground championship

Before Pentagon can celebrate Marty the Moth storms the ring and assaults him. He picks up the LU belt and smashes Pentagon in the face. Inverted DDT and a curb stomp later and Pentagon is out cold. Antonio comes out and says that he never liked the rule that his son Dario made about the week’s notice for the Gift of the Gods cash-in, and now claims that it can be cashed in anytime. He asks Marty if he would like to get his title shot now, to which Marty obviously nods. Cueto screams for the bell to be run.

Marty the Moth Martinez versus Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground championship

Marty goes for a cover but Pentagon kicks out. He then ties Pentagon’s ripped mask to the ropes and pounds on him with fists and kicks. Crowd tries to rally for Pentagon, but he’s just too beaten up. Marty attempts a superplex but Pentagon blocks hit, nails a chop, and responds with a jumping mexican destroyer. Marty immediately rolls to the outside to avoid being covered.

Chelsea Green rolls from under the ring and low blows Pentagon. Mexican destroyer!

Marty rolls back in and gives Pentagon his own package piledriver finisher…and that’s it.

Marty the Moth Martinez wins by pinfall to become the Lucha Underground champion

Marty poses in the ring as the mysterious woman puts the LU title around his waist.