Show opens with a recap of last week when Marty the Moth won the Gift of the Gods championship over El Dragon Azteca Jr, and the very same night cashed-in on Pentagon Dark to become the new LU champion.

Matt Striker and Vampiro open the show with a letter from Antonio Cueto. Letter states that four men had their Ultima Lucha dreams destroyed: Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, King Cuerno, and El Dragon Azteca Jr. Since all of these men have a claim to be the #1 contender, they will compete in a fatal-four way this evening for a shot at the LU championship at Ultima Lucha Cuartro.

In the ring Melissa Santo introduces Jack Evans. Evans takes the microphone and says that he will not compete anymore because Lucha Underground allows XO Lishus to wrestle. He also states that he would fight Matanza for hurting Johnny Mundo if he could. He then quits on the spot.

Antonio Cueto comes out and says that nobody likes a quitter. Jack will fight tonight: If he wins he can leave on his own accord. If he loses…he will never walk out of the Temple again. Cueto says that Evans is the next sacrifice to Matanaza! Evans is terrified and tries to run but Matanaza awaits him at the door.

Match is on!

Matanaza versus Jack Evans

Jack avoids Matanaza, rips off a turnbuckle, and pushes Matanza into head first. He goes up and hits a cannonball 630!

Jack goes for a cover but Matanza just lifts him up and gives him the Wrath of the Gods for the win.

Matanza wins by pinfall and sacrifices Jack Evans

Striker tells us that we have a trios title match next as we take our first break of the evening.

Back from break and Melissa introduces the next matchup: XO Lishus, Joey Ryan, and Ivelisse are out first, followed by the Reptile Tribe. Striker reminds us that Jeremiah and Ivelisse have history.

Before the matchup can begin…Paul London comes out with a microphone. He introduces El Bunny, and a man known as…The White Rabbit. Seems like they’ll be watching from the top of the temple.

Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, and XO Lishus versus The Reptile Tribe for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship

Joey Ryan starts out with Jeremiah. He offers him his lollipop, which Jeremiah happily takes. He then surprises Joey with a jumping front kick. Quick tag to Daga who attempts a dropkick that Joey avoids.

Tag to XO Lishus. Lishus hits a top rope backflip arm-drag to Kobra Moon. Jeremiah takes back control and works Lishus over in the corner. Daga hits the dropkick this time. Lishus then responds with a package stunner on Jeremiah and tags in Ivelisse!

Ivelisse works over the tribe, and lands a code-red onto Daga that nearly wins the matchup.

Jeremiah breaks the count and he and Ivelisse have a staredown. Enziguri by Ivelisse. She then dropkicks Daga into the turnbuckle. Joey gets tagged in and tosses Daga into the corner for ten boot slams to the head. Double superkick from Joey and Ivelisse. Cover but Kobra Moon breaks the count.

Kobra and Joey are in the ring, but Joey throws Kobra over the top rope into the rest of the tribe.

Action all over the ring as Ivelisse hits a running senton and Lishus hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring Daga traps Joey in a submission, which makes Joey tap.

Reptile Tribe retain the Lucha Underground Trios Championship

The White Rabbit sends Paul London and El Bunny to the ring. They attack XO Lishus and Joey Ryan.

Ivelisse runs in to make a save but London surprises her with a kick. They hold them all down so the White Rabbit can taunt them.

Two-on-one nunchuck bout is next as we go to our second commercial of the night.

Melissa tells us that Nunchucks are legal in this affair. Aerostar and Drago are announced first, followed by their opponent: Jake Strong.

Drago and Aerostar versus Jake Strong in a Nunchucks match

Strong throws Aerostar out of the ring but the smaller luchadores work over Strong with quick strikes. Strong runs through them both with a shoulder block, tosses them in a corner, and lands a big splash.

Strong leaves the ring to grab the nunchucks, but Aerostar holds his foot and Drago gets them first. Aerostar tries to hit a plancha but Strong catches him and tosses him into Drago.

Aerostar puts Drago on his shoulders to match Strong’s height. Mist in the face by Drago! He lays into Strong with the nunchucks! Strong eventually breaks it up and throws Drago into a row of chairs. Aerostar dodges an attack by Strong and grabs the other nunchucks. Strong follows Aerostar up and now they’re both fighting on the catwalk. Strong knocks him off.

Just Drago left and he nails Strong with nunchucks but Strong uses his power to take control again. Aerostar comes out of nowhere with a flying crossbody from the top of the temple! CROWD GOES WILD.

All men finally get back in the ring and Drago and Aerostar lay into the bigger Strong with nunchuck shots. Big tornado DDT from Drago and both men attempt to cover strong! He pushes them off!

Strong tosses out Drago and locks the ankle lock in on Aerostar. He taps.

Jake Strong wins by submission

Strong keeps the hold on. Drago tries to save his friend, but Strong locks him in the ankle lock and shatters it.

Main event is next!

Striker and Vampiro tell us that Marty the Moth will be back next week to confront his Ultima Lucha challenger. Who that will be…we’ll find out next.

King Cuerno is introduced first. Mil Muertes comes out next, followed by El Dragon Azteca Jr. Former LU champion Pentagon Dark is out last.

King Cuerno versus Mil Muertes versus El Dragon Azteca Jr. versus Pentagon Dark in a #1 contenders match

Muertes busts out the gate taking out everyone with clotheslines. He follows that up with a DDT on Pentagon, and a TKO on Cuerno. Muertes rag dolls Azteca but Cuerno saves him and throws Muertes to the outside.

Cuerno now targets a hurt Azteca but Pentagon surprises Cuerno with an enziguri. POP UP TORNADO DDT BY AZTECA. (Got some height on that one.)

On the outside Fenix comes out! He grabs Melissa, who screams: “This isn’t you! This isn’t you!” Azteca immediately goes after Fenix! Tope Con Hilo over the ring post! He and Fenix brawl away from the ring area and now it’s just three men left.

Pentagon hits Muertes with a superkick. To the outside…Cuerno takes advantage and lands his signature suicide dive onto both men.

The Mack comes out! He lands two stunners on Muertes in the ring!

Exploding piledriver from Pentagon Dark onto Muertes! Superkick to Cuerno! Pentagon pins Mil!

Pentagon Dark wins by pinfall to become the #1 contender for the Lucha Underground Championship

After Pentagon celebrates, Mack grabs a microphone and challenges Mil Muertes to a matchup at Ultima Lucha Cuerto. He ends by saying that he’s no longer afraid to die, and says that their bout will be a death match. Mack ends with the greatest line in wrestling history: “REST IN PEACE MOTHER F$%KER.”