Mark Henry Says Randy Orton Is "One Of The Most Underrated Guys Of All-time"

Randy Orton has been with WWE for over 16 years and someone who is that familiar with the WWE Universe needs to constantly reinvent himself. We've seen that from Orton during his feud with Jeff Hardy as a darker, more sinister Orton seems to enjoy inflicting pain upon his opponents.

Mark Henry talked about this new Orton after witnessing him thread a screwdriver through Hardy's earlobe at Hell in a Cell.

"[Randy] is one of the most underrated guys of all-time," Henry said on Busted Open Radio. "His accolades speak for themselves, his talents speak for themselves. Randy is getting meaner and more vicious. He started off very smooth and fluid. Usually guys like him don't rise to the level of excellence that he's rose to, but he's been able to do that."

Orton is a Grand Slam champion and has held the WWE Championship nine times in his career, but he's yet to have the Universal Title around his waist. While that title is native to Raw and Orton is on SmackDown, Henry believes Orton should be a part of the World Title hunt.

"Randy needs to be in that conversation for 'Universal Champion' type roles. He's that good," said Henry.

Orton forced Hardy to leave Hell in a Cell on a stretcher so The Viper will likely move onto someone new to feud with. There's no word on who that might be, but judging from Orton's actions at SmackDown following Hell in a Cell, we can expect this same "meaner and more vicious" Orton moving forward.

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Source: Busted Open Radio


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