Mark Hunt Lashes Out At "Cheater" Brock Lesnar Getting UFC Heavyweight Title Shot

Mark Hunt joined Submission Radio to discuss his UFC Fight Night Moscow main event against Aleksei Oleinik this Saturday. You can check out the full interview in the video above, they sent us these highlights:

Brock Lesnar getting the next UFC Heavyweight title shot against Daniel Cormier:

"Well, why do we have ranking for? And it is what it, is man. That's not my call, that's just the way it is. I think it's s--t though."

His fight with Lesnar being controversial and if Hunt thinks Lesnar has a chance against Cormier:

"How's that work? The motherf--ker's a cheater. How is that controversy? f--ken little c--t is f--ken cheating, using steroids. f--k, man, how is that (you're) talking 'a little bit of controversy?' The f--king guy is cheating.

"He's cheating and trying to hurt me and you say, 'oh, we're going to be nice here'. f--k that cheater. How are you gonna be nice to the guy that is taking shortcuts, man? Don't give him that. Why would you want to give him that sort of s--t? f--k, they don't deserve it. You know, all these guys are just shortcut takers, and to me that's all they'll ever be. Nothing else."

Dana White saying the UFC would re-sign Mark Hunt and if he'd consider it:

"Like I said, I didn't want a lawsuit or a court case against any of these (guys). I said to Dana already about the s--t, you know, take that motherf--ker's money off him. Don't give it to me, just take it off the c--t so he doesn't get nothing. But he wouldn't have it, so that's why we're here now. And with this lawsuit, all I've been trying to do is make it an even playing field. It's not even these guys, these guys are cheating flat out and they're still getting these opportunities. Why? Honestly?

"I know the reason why, but f--k it. I'm not gonna sit around and play with then and get f--king injured. Like I said, I got injuries already from fighting from guys that have been cheating. And you're never the same when you get injured like that. I mean, look at my hand. It's broken, it's got 16 screws in it. I'm not as strong in this hand. It just affects you, especially this body being my livelihood."

Fighting Aleksei Oleinik this Saturday:

"Well, I didn't know much about Aleksei. He did call me out a while ago. I have met him a couple of times, he's actually a nice guy. I know about his Ezekiel choke. You know, we worked on that, on everything. On my fighting, my guard, my stand-up. So like I said, evolution makes you a better person. If you don't learn from the same mistakes or someone else's, then you're still gonna be losing. So, I look forward to dancing with Aleksei. He's a nice guy."

His plan to fight at UFC Adelaide if he wins quickly in Moscow:

"After this match I said to Zen if can get a match on the Adelaide card or anywhere or get another match as soon as possible if I'm not injured and then go from there."

"Yeah, I hope so, I hope so. I already spoke to (my manager) Zen and said I'd like to get a match if I'm not injured as soon as possible. And if it's Adelaide, then so be it. Yeah, I look forward to it. It'd be great. And it's just three rounds anyway. You know me (laughs)."

"I get to fight the same card as Tai on the undercard also. It'd be great. It'd be a good send off."

"It would be me and Dan (Kelly's) retirement fight, which is great, you know, fighting at home"

If he would really retire from fighting in Adelaide:

"It would be my last fight with the UFC. So, it'd be great. I don't know about retiring per se. It'd be finishing from the big time. And, you know, I wanna fight three more times globally or four. We'll see what happens for the division and chasing (the belt). That cut that dream off. So, you know, that's how it works, but who knows? Maybe (I'll) retire with Dan Kelly. It'd be fun (laughs)."


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