It looks like Matt Hardy and his crew are creating “magic” for WWE at The Hardy Compound in North Carolina once again.

Hardy tweeted photos of WWE producers Jeremy Borash and James Long at his house this week, indicating that they were there to work on a project for WWE. Speculation is that they are filming a Hardy Compound Halloween special, perhaps for the WWE Network. Pro Wrestling Sheet recently reported that WWE would be filming a pilot for a potential Hardy series at the compound and it looks like this is that project. It was noted that they were filming just a pilot, and that a series had not been confirmed.

WWE recently mentioned a Hardy Halloween special in a Fan Council survey on potential content. Below is the description that was listed in the survey to gauge fan interest in future projects: “House Hardy: Halloween special ? Go inside the WONDERFUL world of the Hardy family in this delightful short form scripted sitcom, featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy!”

Below are a few recent Twitter shots from The Hardy Compound, which suffered some damage from Hurricane Florence earlier this month. Also below is the photo of Borash and Long, who worked with Hardy on the “Broken Hardy” material when they were all with Impact Wrestling. Hardy also tweeted this photo of brother Jeff Hardy, wife Rebecca Hardy and their children, Senor Benjamin and Brad Stutts, who appeared as “The Scribe” in previous Hardy Compound segments. Hardy called the group “My Platoon” in the photo that shows them wearing Halloween-themed attire.

No word yet on when WWE might air the “House Hardy: Halloween Special” but we will keep you updated.