Mick Foley Admits That His Pro Wrestling Career Is 'Overrated'

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was recently a guest on the Press Slam podcast to promote his "20 Years of Hell" tour in South Florida. Although Foley feels like this tour is successful, he admittedly feels like his career as a whole does not live up to its current rating.

"If you ask me where I stand in wrestling history, I think I'm a bit overrated, to tell you the truth," said Foley. "I do. I just call it as I see it. I don't think some of the matches stand up the way that I would like them to have."

Foley, does, however, feel that the shows on his tour exceed people's expectations, as he works diligently to make each show better than his previous one.

"One thing I've learned from portraying Santa for so many years is that it's not the size of the crowd, it's the way, the ability to create memories," Foley said. "That's really my hope is, much like a really good match, I hope that people feel like they've been on a little bit of a journey with me by the time the show is over."

Foley also expressed how proud he is of Cody Rhodes, and how he was receiving a "weekly check and he had a good role" in WWE but decided to leave to do things on his own. He added that although others would say "just take the money," he saw something better for himself and it is better for the pro wrestling business as a whole. He also feels that Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks as a unit would be interesting in the WWE.

To continue the angle for the match between The Undertaker and Triple H at Super Show-Down, Foley will be appearing on Raw, as well as Triple H.

If any portion of these quotes is used, please be sure to credit Press Slam with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Press Slam


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