Mick Foley Hopes To Get Involved During WWE Hell In A Cell Match

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley may play a bigger role in this Sunday's 'Hell in a Cell' pay-per-view according to the hardcore legend, who spoke with SiriusXM 'Busted Open' Radio this week about his involvement as special guest referee in the main event match between WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns and challenger Braun Strowman.

"Once that door shuts, the focus will go on them," said Foley, who was thrown off the top of the steel cage structure at the hands of the Undertaker 20 years ago inside the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh.

"I don't think there is a chance in the world that the people are going to be focusing on me. Obviously I hope I get involved in some way. I think having Superstars return is a good thing in doses."

According to Foley, his participation has been on the docket for quite some time.

"This was well in the works before WWE came to see my special. I had the chance to participate in the 25th anniversary of Raw and I texted Mr. McMahon. I said: 'I appreciate it, but I just feel like I have something to offer if you are willing to wait until September. I feel like I can do something more impactful for the 20th anniversary of Hell in a Cell.' So this is a case where I have definite role, it's not just a matter of throwing guys out there."

The 53-year-old announced his involvement in the match this past Monday night on Raw during a televised segment with WWE Superstar Elias.

"Guys should have an intention and a purpose when they come back," he said. "I really appreciate being out there with Elias, given that he has nothing to do with that match. He gave me a platform with that character he's built with the expectation that he would be interrupted. I was allowed to piggy-back off something he's built in order to help build that match. That's a great character, and the stuff I said about him being a future Universal champion is not an exaggeration. I was really thankful to be out there with a guy like that."

Hell in a Cell is available exclusively on WWE Network starting at 7pm EST.


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