MLW Fusion Recap (9/21): PCO Vs. Brody King, The Hart Foundation In Action, Joey Ryan

The show opens with Konnan, Pentagon Jr, and Fenix already in the ring. Konnan gets on the microphone and immediately calls out Salina de la Renta stating that Pentagon and Fenix had contract disputes, and questioning her methods as the liaison between lucha libre talents and MLW. This brings Salina out with Ricky Martinez.

Salina addresses Fenix and Penta's contractual issues, which seem to be with the company she founded, Promociones Dorado. She says that she granted them an early release because it seemed like that's what they wanted. She then states that she'll give them both one more chance and tells Martinez to hand them their new contracts. After a few moments of speculation, Pentagon and Fenix tear up the contracts and taunt Salina. Konnan then tells Salina never to mess with his business, or she's going to get checked just like she just did.

Fusion intro plays.

Tony Schiavone and Rick Bocchini hype up the evening's card, which includes Joey Ryan and Taya Valkyrie (MLW debut) versus MLW middleweight champion Maxwell J. Friedman and Aria Blake. Also, in the main event, PCO takes on Brody King.

Colonel Parker and The Stud Stable (Mike Parrow and the Dirty Blondes) are on their way to the ring for six-man action. Their opponents: The Hart Foundation. (Davey Boy Smith Jr, Brian Pillman Jr, and Teddy Hart.)

Stud Stable vs. The Hart Foundation

Hart and Smith attack Leo Brien and Michael Patrick (Dirty Blondes) right as the bell rings. They attempt to throw Pillman into Parrow but he catches Pillman and chokeslams him. Smith knocks Parrow to the outside and Hart takes out all members of The Stud Stable with an Asai Moonsault off the top rope.

Back in the ring The Hart Foundation triple-team the Blondes, hitting a suplex, canadian destroyer, and flying crossbody in succession. Parrow rag dolls Pillman, but then gets nailed with a superkick from Smith and a jumping DDT from Hart. Another moonsault, this time with a pinfall attempt, but it's broken up by Patrick. Patrick and Brien work over Hart with a series of elbow drops and attempt a double top rope maneuver, but Parrow waves is partners off. This leads to the Blondes getting knocked off the ropes, and Parrow getting finished with a running powerslam from Smith, who makes the pin.

The Hart Foundation wins by pinfall

Post-match Schiavone and Bocchini praise the Hart Foundation while Davey Boy Smith Jr claims directly into camera, "It won't be long until we take over the entire wrestling industry." In the ring Colonel Parker is furious with Mike Parrow and fires him from the stable. The Dirty Blondes then beat Parrow down.

Recap of MLW's WarGames from last week which saw Shane Strickland's team defeat Sami Callihan's team in a truly brutal affair. Callihan and company would then attack partner Jimmy Havoc, blaming him for the loss.

Cut to Jimmy Havoc. He reminds Sami that he wasn't the one who tapped out in WarGames, and that he will not let the assault he suffered go unpunished. "We're going to fight Sami...and I'm going to enjoy hurting you," Havoc says methodically.

Commentary team tells us that our mixed tag team match is up next, but first they cut backstage to Maxwell J. Friedman and Aria Blake. MJF tells Aria that he's not really into this whole "women's wrestling thing." Aria says for him to not worry about that, because tonight she's going to claw out Taya's eyes. This takes us to our first break of the evening.

Back from commercial and MJF and Aria are on their way to the ring. Joey and Taya come out next. Before the bout begins Joey gives out his lollipop and oils himself up. (Tradition for the sleazy one.)

Maxwell J. Friedman and Aria Blake vs. Joey Ryan and Taya Valkyrie

MJF screams to Joey and the crowd that he'll never touch his dick. Joey says that's fine...but maybe Aria wants to touch it. Aria tags in, simulates that she's going to grab his crouch, but instead rakes his chest and takes Joey down with a snapmare. Series of kicks, followed up by a senton and falling knees by Aria. MJF tags in and attempts an inverted atomic drop, which hurts his knee due to Joey's dick of steel. Fun teamwork by Taya and Joey when Taya drop-toe-holds MJF right onto Joey's crotch.

Taya works over MJF with stiff knees and kicks. Joey tags back in and gets kicked by Aria when bouncing off the ropes. MJF follows up with a vicious forearm and Joey goes down. Neckbreaker from Aria. Quick tags from the champ and Aria as they wear Joey down. Joey escapes an irish whip and lands a pumphandle slam on MJF. Both men tag out.

Taya rushes Aria and takes her down with a series of clotheslines. Running knees in the corner from Taya. Aria responds with a series of headkicks that take Taya down. Joey and MJF tag back in and Joey unloads with a series of right hands. Thumb to the eye by MJF, but Joey hits a spinebuster out of nowhere. He takes a lollipop out of his trunks and jams it down MJF's throat. Joey attempts a superkick but MJF pulls Taya in it's direction and knocks her out. Aria tries to low-blow Joey but it doesn't work! Roll-up by MJF and he has the tights.

Maxwell J. Friedman and Aria Blake win by pinfall

Afterwards MJF gets on the mic and says that he just took the "sleaze" out of professional wrestling. He then insults Joey Janela, but before he can say too much, Janela attacks from behind! He works MJF over, but the champ hits a low blow and quickly flees away.

Promo for MLW's Fury Road event, taking place at the Melrose Ballroom in New York City on October 4th. Announced matches so far: Tom Lawlor versus Shane Strickland, PCO versus LA Park, and The Hart Foundation versus ACH, Rich Swann, and a debuting Marko Stunt. Plus the MLW heavyweight title will be defended.

Backstage Sami Callihan responds to Jimmy Havoc. He says that he expected more from Havoc, and continuously blames him for their team's loss at WarGames. He accepts his challenge, and says that Jimmy will fall at his knees. The match is announced for next week, along with the MLW heavyweight championship match between Low-Ki and Fenx.

Back from commercial break and it's main event time! PCO comes out first. Brody King second.

PCO vs. Brody King

Brody explodes out the gate with a dropkick. He stomps PCO down in the corner. To the outside and PCO hits a suicide dive! Both men lay into each other on the outside with chops and forearms. Back in the ring PCO hits a pop-up powerbomb followed by a running knee. Cover but only a two count. PCO argues with the ref's count, and Brody takes advantage with a running lariat.

Brody and PCO continue to brawl. Brainbuster by Brody. PCO responds with a series of strikes and a spike-DDT. PCO attempts a running strike but Brody back body drops him right into the turnbuckle. Their brawl escalates to a point that the referee tries to get in between both men to stop, but they shove him to the ground. Double DQ.

The match is ruled a no-contest.

Brody and PCO continue to fight after the bell. A jumping piledriver from Brody! He mounts PCO and continues to unload on him with shots. Security and more refs pull Brody out but PCO is up! He goes to the top and takes out everybody with a moonsault!


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