Show opens with a recap of last week’s fusion, including the no-contest between PCO and Brody King, and the Dirty Blondes kicking Big Mike Parrow out of the stud stable from the orders of Colonel Parker.

Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan are seen brawling backstage. Havoc knocks Callihan down a flight of stars, but Sami slams Havoc’s head off the concrete wall.

Fusion Intro song.

Tony Schiavone and Rick Bocchini hype the evening’s card including Low-Ki defending the MLW heavyweight championship against Fenix, and Jimmy Havoc versus Sami Callihan.

Jason Cade is on his way to the ring with Rhett Giddins for the first bout of the night. Schiavone recalls first meeting Cade, and admits that he hates what Cade has become. (Cocky and arrogant.)

Myron Reed comes out next.

Jason Cade versus Myron Reed

Cade nails Reed while the ref is still checking for weapons. Reed responds with a dropkick, followed by another that sends Cade to the outside. Reed attemtps a suicide dive but Giddins blocks his attempt. Cade takes advantage and pulls Reed to the floor and slams him off the guardrail.

In control now, Cade wears Reed down with kicks and a headlock.

Quick clip showing that Callihand and Havoc are still brawling.

Reed tries to mount a comeback but Cade slows him with a spinning wheel kick. Cade attempts a powerbomb but Reed counters with a frankensteiner! Running forearms from Reed. He pops off a clothesline and nails Cade with an enziguri.

Flying corner forearms from Reed, followed by another kick to the head. Springboarded seated senton and he almost gets the win. Reed tries to hit a springboard cutter but Cade catches him. Roll-up by Reed! Two count! Jumping knee from Cade and he slows things down.

Springboard attempt from Cade but Reed surprises him with a superkick. They each trade stiff elbows. Buckle bomb from Cade. He goes for a samoan drop but Reed shifts his weight. POISON FRANKENSTEINER. Both men are down.

Cade hits another superkick but then gets hit with Reed’s springboard cutter! ONLY A TWO COUNT! Reed can’t believe it. He goes for another flying forearm but Cade moves. Fireman’s Carry driver from Cade but now Reed kicks out!

Reed slides into the other ring (from WarGames). HE HITS A CUTTER FROM THE OTHER RING. Cade goes to the apron and then he cutters him into Giddins! (WHAT.)

Reed goes up but Giddins knocks him off the ropes when the ref’s back was turned. Cade takes advantage and lands his finisher for the win.

Jason Cade wins by pinfall.

Jason Cade tries to get on the microphone post match but his former tag partner Jimmy Yuta comes out of nowhere with a top rope dropkick! He flees before Giddins can get to him.

Ad break for Fury Road as we go to our first break.

Jimmy Yuta is interviewed backstage, and says that he is here to fight, and that Jason Cade will pay for his betrayal. Bocchini then announces that at Fury Road both Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade will get a shot at MJF’s MLW middleweight championship in a triple-threat match.

Tommy Dreamer versus Brody King is also announced. Cut backstage to Brody King who calls out Dreamer for being one of the most violent men in the industry, and says that next week, he will prove why he’s just as dangerous.

Cut to Callihan and Havoc who are still going at it. Sami chokes Havoc with a rope, but Havoc nails him with a wet floor sign. They take the fight to the bathroom.

LA Park versus Pentagon Jr. in a Mexican Massacre match is announced for next week.

Interview with Shane Strickland, who says that he’s still the ace of MLW. He tells the fans that his Fury Road opponent Tom Lawlor will find that out soon.

Cut to earlier today where MJF is trying to get a meeting with Salina de la Renta. Bocchini speculates on what that could mean.

Cut to Jason Cade who is pissed off after being attacked by Jimmy Yuta.

Court Bauer gets on headset and says that Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan will not be competing tonight because of the destruction they’ve caused. Instead, they’ll be added to Fury Road with their stipulation to be determined by a wheel spin.

Interview with Tom Lawlor who tells Shane Strickland that he’s been preparing for their match. He asks Strickland to bring his A game, because at Fury Road he’ll be bringing his.