MYC Classic Competitor Reveals Why WWE Once Rescinded Offer, Deonna Purrazzo Talks MYC Win (Video)

- Hot on the heels of her first round win against Priscilla Kelly during the Mae Young Classic, Deonna Purrazzo talked to WWE about her ambition to win the Mae Young Classic tournament, and to compete in the first ever all women's pay per view, WWE Evolution.

"My goal is to be at the first all-women's pay-per-view, Evolution," Purrazzo said.

- The Orlando Sentinel has an interview with May Young Classic competitor Lacey Lane. During the interview, Lane talks about getting signed by WWE in 2017, however the offer getting rescinded after a WWE medical exam found arthritis in her knee.

"Obviously that was the hardest part, hearing 'We can't hire you,'" Lane said. "I knew my legs were strong, but I had to prove myself to them and everyone else, so I did four months of intense physical therapy. I lost all of my [wrestling] bookings and risked losing future jobs. It was rough I thought everything and everyone had turned against me all at once."

Lane ended up working in Mexico. After returning to the U.S., WWE contacted her and she was able to pass the physical to earn a contract and a spot in the Mae Young Classic.

"It's still surreal," Lane said. "I wake up everyday thinking, 'Is this really happening?' [The Mae Young Classic' has been really emotional for me. After all the ups and downs with the company from my previous time here, to get this opportunity touches my heart in ways no one can imagine."


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