Cathy Kelley was at the FOX Teen Choice Awards to interview WWE Superstars and other celebrities about the all-women’s PPV WWE Evolution on October 28. Kelley spoke with Naomi (and Jimmy Uso) about the upcoming PPV and what it means for the women’s division.

“[It’s] mind blowing,” Naomi said. “We knew it eventually would happen, but didn’t know how soon, if it would still happen while I was still here. Now we can really show and prove that this will be amazing, we deserve to be here, and we deserve this moment.”

The two-time WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion was then asked if she could face anyone from the past who would be her pick? Naomi went with former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion Melina. Jimmy jumped in that her splits may be even better than Naomi’s, which she didn’t seems to argue with.

“Her splits are off the chain, but I just always thought she was?I have other favorites, but Melina is definitely one who I thought has always been unique and stood out,” Naomi responded. “She’s awesome!”

As noted, Alexa Bliss will be taking on Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution. Also taking place will be the finals of the Mae Young Classic, along with the Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK Women’s Titles being defended.