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ACH, Ryusuke Taguchi and Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Roppongi 3K

Sho and Liger get things started, Liger gets dropped first, but hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker right into the surfboard submission. Both Romero and Yoh try hopping in and get ankle locks for their troubles. Liger and ACH nail multiple clotheslines in the corner, Taguchi with a hip attack. Yoh reverses Ligers irish whip and sends him into Taguchi. Romero and Liger in there now, Romero with a slap to the face and in comes Sho. Drop toe hold, low sliding kick to Liger’s head double team move by Yoh and Sho. Romero back in the ring now, things break down and Liger hits another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and finally tags in ACH..

ACH with a splash to the floor, and goes to town on both Sho and Yoh, sweep kick, double stomps galore. ACH with a deadlift german suplex with the bridge, two-count. Sho gets his own delayed german suplex on ACH. Romero gets tagged in, as does Taguchi, Romero with a bunch of clotheslines in the corner until Taguchi finally hits a hip attack, two more for Yoh and Sho.

Taguchi then starts nailing all three with hip attacks, he does a Shinsuke Nakamura taunt to lure them on and rolls out of the way as all three go for dropkicks. Triple atomic drops on Taguchi, double superkick, lungblower, double jump knees, pin on Taguchi but he kicks out. ACH back in the ring, double dropkick on Yoh and Sho then a suicide dive on both opponents on the floor. Back in the ring Taguchi hits Dodon (chickenwing facebuster) on Romero and gets the victory.

Winners: ACH, Ryusuke Taguchi and Jushin Thunder Liger via Pinfall

Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. Chase Owens and Hangman Page

Kazarian and Page get us started and are already swinging away wildly on each other until Page finally gets the upper hand until Kazarian hits him with a forearm shot. Page returns fire, double clotheslines over and over until Daniels tags him. Owens then tags himself in, Daniels with some strikes, Owens with a kick to the midsection, running neckbreaker. Daniels with a reverse cutter, tags Kazarian in, rolling neckbreaker, cover, one-count.

Blind tag by Page, kick to Kazarian’s face as the crowd chants “SCU!” Owens and Page stomping away at Kazarian in the corner, Owens with a forearm shot to the back. Kazarian looks to fight back, flips over Owen’s back, lungblower connects. Daniels gets back in there, facebuster, plants him again, looks for the best moonsault ever but Owens rolls him up, two-count. Page in with a buckshot lariat and then knocks Kazarian off the apron. Page on the apron, rolling elbow to Kazarian and a shooting star press, but Kazarian drops the knees to catch Page in midair! Back in the ring, Owens tries to fight off both Daniels and Kazarian. Best moonsault ever/piledriver combo takes out Owens, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall

Flip Gordon, Chris Sabin and Jeff Cobb vs. Best Friends and Hirooki Goto

Cobb out with his newly won Ring of Honor TV Championship. Chuckie and Sabin get the match started bit of a stalemate, but then both wrestler knock each other’s team off the apron. Everybody comes into the ring for a moment. Cobb sends his teammates into the corner to nail Chuckie, then Sabin tries to do it, but needs Gordon’s help to move Cobb. Best Friends nail an assisted cutter. They go in for a hug and Cobb breaks it up, crowd boos that. Cobb looks to fly, but Goto blocks that and both then end up on the floor.

Beretta looks to fly, Chuckie stops him and gives a hug in the ring, big cheer by the crowd. Gordon ends up crashing to the outside, Best Friends follow with some leaps of their own. Beretta hugs one of the Young Lions, lol. Best Friends both hype up big moves and just give weak stomps to Sabin. Goto and Sabin in the ring now, Sabin really getting worked over now as Beretta is now tagged in, nothern lights suplex, two-count, big shop to Sabin. Sabin returns fire, Beretta hits him again and Sabin tries to fight it off, but crumples to the ground. Chukie in there now and gets chopped himself. Chuckie with an obvious eye rake and yells “Oh my God!” while holding his chest for a moment. Miscue with Chuckie hitting Beretta in the stomach and falling on his twig and berries. Sabin with a tornado DDT by jumping off Beretta.

Gordon in there now, goes to work on all three opponents, lands a step-up splash to the floor, back up to the top rope and hits a crossbody on Beretta, cover, two. Gordon charges the corner, misses, springboard slingblade, back to the top rope, 450, rolls through, Beretta with a huge dropkick to finally ground Gordon. Cobb and Goto looking for a tag. Crowd really into this one. Cobb with a bunch of chops, huge clothesline in the corner, goes for a splash, nobody home. Double clotheslines, Goto with a suplex, cover, two. Goto looks for GTR, no, vertical suplex, Cobb with a standing moonsault, nobody home. Chukie tags in, splash, yells “I’m gonna kill this dude for real!” tries to suplex Cobb, nope, Beretta jumps in and helps him out.

Cobb knocks them together, double back suplex! Best Friends continue to work together, Chuckie looks for a piledriver and hits it, cover, but it gets broken up. Chuckie heads up to the top moonsault, pool is empty. Cobb with a clothesline, Tour of the Island (Reverse-spin scoop powerslam), cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Flip Gordon, Chris Sabin and Jeff Cobb via Pinfall

– Post-match, Goto and Cobb jaw some more at each other. Goto bounces from the ring though, crowd boos.

Tetsuya Naito, EVIL and SANADA vs. Zack Sabre Jr. and Killer Elite Squad

LIJ barely gets in the ring and Sabre, Archer, and Smith get right after them. SANADA and Sabre get things started, Sabre gets right to working over his opponent, but he twists to the ropes. Smith tags in and nails a kick to the chest. SANADA get a little momentum, but Archer with a blind tag, and drops him with a big clothesline. Smith goes after Naito and EVIL on the floor. Archer with three running back elbow to the corner, Smith gets back in the ring, body slam. Smith taunts the crowd a bunch and works SANADA’s legs over.

SANADA finally gets in some offense, lands a dropkick, Archer just runs in to stop him, SANADA with a hurricanrana and Naito makes his way in. Smith tries for a knee to the corner, nope, Naito with a low dropkick. Sabre in, gets tossed in the corner, double stomp, and Naito finishes with a neckbreaker on Smith. Archer and Smith in there now, running attacks in the corner, double team move plants Naito, pin, two. Naito back up, springboard DDT. EVIL and Sabre in there now, back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring. EVIL drops Sabre, standing senton, tries for a clothesline, nope, Sabre whips around and kicks EVIL’s arm instead. EVIL with a fishermen’s buster. SANADA runs in and knocks KES off the apron. LIJ gets in some triple team moves, pair of low dropkicks, SANADA up and over to the floor taking out KES. EVIL looks for everything is evil, nope, but he does get darkness falls, cover, two. EVIL looks for his finisher again, Sabre turns EVIL into a pretzel, goes for the pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Zack Sabre Jr. and Killer Elite Squad via Pinfall

– Post-match, KES beats up on the young lions a bit, body slams one of them and then does some taunting while standing on one. LIJ gathers back in the ring, EVIL looks really bothered that he got pinned by Sabre and the group heads out.

Hiroshi Tanahashi and KUSHIDA vs. Jay White and Gedo

Tanahashi and White get things going with Tanahashi being extra aggressive, dragon leg screw to White. Both end up out on the floor and White really starts to go to work on his opponent. Chop to the chest as Gedo digs at KUSHIDA’s eyes on the other side of the ring. Back in the ring is Gedo and Tanahashi, thumbing him right in the eye with the referee somewhat distracted. Tanahashi is bleeding from the mouth a bit. White is back in the ring, leg drop, cover, two-count.

Gedo back in there, Tanahashi with some shots to the midsection. Tanahashi goes for White, who jumps off the apron. Gedo with another eye poke, he’s really using those a lot tonight. KUSHIDA is tagged in, springboard clothesline, handspring kicks to send White to the floor. He focuses back on Gedo, kick to the face, up to the top, leaps off and rolls through, hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick on Gedo.

KUSHIDA looking for an armbar, and switches into a hoverboard lock, but White breaks that up quickly and knocks Tanahashi off the apron for good measure. He yanks Gedo over to his side, tags in and goes to work on KUSHIDA. Tanahashi in now, tries for slingblade, no, bladerunner attempt White, no, and Tanahashi nails slingblade this time, cover, two. Tanahashi up to the top, referee is distracted, Gedo with brass knuckles, smacks Tanahashi off the top rope. White with bladerunner, cover, and that will end things to a chorus of boos.

Winners: Jay White and Gedo via Pinfall

– Post-match, Jay White gets on the mic, he holds up Tanahashi’s Tokyo Dome briefcase. Crowd boos him a whole bunch. Crowd with a “F— you, Switchblade!” White says he’s beaten Tanahashi again, so what is NJPW waiting for? What is Tanahashi waiting for? White says they’re scared and NJPW doesn’t want “their beloved Tanahashi” not in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom, especially if it’s two foreigners in the main event. He taunts Tanahashi a bit more and bounces.

Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurll (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament – Semi-Finals)

Ospreay with a spanish fly right off the bat, quick near fall for a two-count! Ospreay with a flip to the outside, throws Scurll back in the ring, shooting star press, cover, two. Ospreay with an oscutter, Scurll quickly bails to the floor and Ospreay immediately follows with a suicide dive. Wow! Ospreay with some kicks to the chest, Scurll finally gets a slap to the face, running uppercuts, Ospreay to the floor and Scurll with a kick from the apron.

Ospreay tries for a kick, nope, Scurll with a kick to the back of the head, couple chops drop Ospreay. Scurll chokes Ospreay over the bottom ropes, referee is not happy with this move. Scurll with a flex for the crowd, Ospreay with a handspring kick out of nowhere. Ospreay tries for a running dropkick, nope, but he hits an enziguri and then a 619. Scurll returns fire with a kick that sends Ospreay to the floor, Ospreay gets sent into the barricade. Both up on the apron, back and forth strikes until Ospreay wins with the kicks, tries for a spanish fly, Scurll blocks it, sends Ospreay into the ring. Ospreay with a sunset bomb to the floor.

Back in the ring, Ospreay with a tornado kick that lands clean, looks for the oscutter, backslide counter, Scurll with a kick to the jaw. Ospreay tries for storm breaker, nope, but nails Scurll with a hefty lariat. Scurll is put on the top turnbuckle, Ospreay follows up, Scurll then quickly drops down, which ends up crotching Ospreay (tough to say if that was a botch, but Scurll cracked a slight smile nonetheless), hurricanrana by Scurll off the second rope! Clothesline, cover, two. Scurll with some chops as Ospreay refuses to go down as Scurll keeps lighting him up. Back and forth attacks. Ospreay with a flip off Scurll’s chest, enziguri, Scurll with a crazy flipping counter right into the crossface chicken wing. Ospreay tries to roll back for a win, but only two count. Scurll with a powerbomb, Ospreay flips out of Scurlls next move and nails Scurll with a wrap around kick.

Both end up on the top turnbuckle, Ospreay slips underneath, tucks Scurll’s head, kicks it. Ospreay heads up to the top rope, Scurll crotches him, then smacks his head down on the ring post. He looks for the crossface chicken wing again, but Ospreay fights him off with a back elbow. Scurll catches it, locks both arms behind Ospreay’s back and hits a suplex off the top rope! Cover, two! Package piledriver, graduation (Swinging double underhook suplex) hits, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Marty Scurll via Pinfall to move to the finals.

The Young Bucks (c) vs. Guerrillas of Destiny (IWGP Tag Team Championship)

Tama and Nick start first, Tama using his speed to dodge Nick, which Nick does the same, staredown as Matt and Tanga come in. Young Bucks swing away, but that doesn’t last too long. Nick with a pop-up dropkick, some more double team moves with a flurry of kicks, taking out both opponents. Tama is dropped, both Young Bucks go for a backflip dropkick and Matt’s back seized up on him. Nick ends up tagging in, Matt is annoyed, Nick checks on him, but Tangastarts beating up Matt on the floor, running body slam on the floor. Tama throws Nick into the barricade while Tanga is bringing a table out from under the ring and sets it up on the floor.

Nick sends Tama into the ring post while Tonga tries to suplex Matt down through the table, Nick with the save. Tonga gets knocked to the floor and Nick with a splash over the top rope. Nick with a bunch of kicks to both Tama and Tonga, but Nick gets hammer with a lariat. Matt swings away on both opponents and climbs up to the top turnbuckle, Tonga ends up shoving him off and Matt goes through the table! That’s not going to help the back issue one bit.

Tangawith a diving headbutt, frog splash by Tanga, cover, two-count. Nick continues to get worked off as this has turned into a bit of a handicap match. Tangawith a delayed vertical suplex, cover, two. Nick tries to fight back and eventually makes it back to his corner, but Matt is still down and out from that table spot. Tama is in the ring now, Nick with some shots to the midsection, Tama tries for a suplex, Nick flips out of it, multiple counters until Nick lands a superkick.

Matt is finally on the apron, Nick tags out, Matt hammers away on both opponents, hits a double clothesline, Tangais back up as Matt swings away still holding that back. Tangacharges Matt and ends up out on the floor. Matt with a superkick to Tama and a baseball slide on Tanga. Matt with a sunset flip right into a sharpshooter. Tangaback in the ring, picks up Matt and body slams him down on Tama’s knees, cover, two.

Nick back in the ring, kick to the back of Tanga’s head, sits him facing the turnbuckle, runs over and kicks Tama in the head, runs back and hits a lung blower on Tanga. Nick calls for a superkick party, they lands a couple, Matt covers Tanga, two-count. More bang for your buck attempt, Matt is a little slow to get up top for the moonsault, finally lands it, cover, two! Nick helps Matt lift up Tanga, looks for Indytaker and Tama hits a gun stunner in midair, Tangadrops Nick, cover, two! Matt lands some superkicks, but Tama lands another gun stun on Matt, 1-2-3! New champs!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny via Pinfall to win the IWGP Tag Team Championship

Juice Robinson (c) vs. Cody (IWGP United States Championship)

Cody gets the crowd riled up by asking which side wants his t-shirt and then just tosses it to Brandi. Cody with his “Do the work” weight belt. After stalling some bit, Juice gets a little annoyed with Cody. Some chain wrestling to get us started, Robinson with a snap mare, Cody catches Robinson’s foot and he backs up to the ropes. Cody sets it down and then slaps Juice in the face. Back and forth chops. Cody with a kick, drops down, and hits an uppercut. Juice goes for a crossbody, Cody ducks out of the way and Juice goes out to the floor. Cody with a step up splash, Juice catches him and hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex to the floor!

Brandi grabbed Juice’s hair, he turns around and she falls down to the floor. Juice is distracted, Cody drops him, and Brandi is suddenly fine and smiling. Juice makes his way back to the apron, Cody pops him and plants Juice face-first to the mat, cover, two-count. Despite his heel tactics, some of the crowd still is cheering him on. Pulp friction attempt, nope, Cody gets rolled up, two-count. Cody down in the corner, Juice hits a running cannonball, running powerbomb is countered and sends Juice into the turnbuckle. Cody yells at the referee to count out Juice and Brandi just digs her nails into Juice’s eyes.

Juice on the apron, Cody goes for a disaster kick, nope, Juice up to the top rope and lands a crossbody. Juice tries for pulp friction and Cody reverses it into a figure-four. Juice trying to reverse the pressure, but Cody fights him off. Juice finally breaks it, Brandi gives Cody some water, Cody hands Red Shoes his weight belt, and spits the water in Juice’s face, lands a big kick on his opponent, cover, two. Juice recovers, multiple counters, pulp friction, but Brandi drags Cody out of the ring! The referee begins his 20-count and Juice stops him, he doesn’t want to win that way.

Juice finally goes out to the floor to get Cody who then lands cross rhodes on Juice! Both down on the floor, referee gets to 19 before both roll in. They trade strikes as the crowd yells “Juice!” and “Cody!” Cody lands din’s fire on Juice, cover, close three! Cody up top, Juice crotches him and heads up, nailing a perfect superplex. Cody with a counter, and gets the 1-2-3! Kevin Kelly asking who pinned who though.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall to win the IWGP United States Championship

Tomohiro Ishii and Kazuchika Okada vs. Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega

Okada and Ibushi get things started, back and forth action lead to Okada nearly hitting Ibushi with a rainmaker. Ishii and Omega both tag in with a bit of a staredown before they get going, Ibushi makes his way in, Ishii with a few clubbing blows that doesn’t seem to bother Ibushi. Double team attacks slow down Ishii as Ibushi lands some kicks to Ishii’s chest.

Okada back in the ring, goes to work on Ibushi, taunts Omega a bit. Ishii in to help drop Ibushi to the mat and then goes after Omega on the apron. Omega jumps in the ring and the two start swinging away on each other, dumping Omega out to to the floor and into the barricade. Back in the ring, Okada with a scoop slam as Ishii sends Omega into the barricade again. Ibushi makes his way to the corner, but no Omega is there. Okada and Ishii trade tags as they keep Ibushi grounded, Omega finally gets back on the apron as Ishii throws some headbutts to Ibushi, but Ibushi nails a nice dropkick and is able to tag Omega. Omega with a crossbody off the top rope and goes after Okada, who avoids the attack.

Back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring, Omega with a lightning chop that gets a big reaction from the crowd. Ishii with a chop to the throat. Omega looks for a tornado DDT, but it had a sloppy landing. Omega looks for a splash in the corner, nobody home, Okada with a slam, and tags in Okada. We finally get Okada vs. Omega, Omega dodges a clothesline and Ibushi with a dropkick off the top rope to send Okada out of the ring. Golden moonsaults by both Omega and Ibushi taking out Okada and Ishii. Back in the ring, tandem offense by the Golden Lovers, cover, two-count. Ishii back in the ring, flattens Ibushi, side suplex on Omega, but Ibushi hits a suplex on Ishii, Okada with a shotgun dropkick on Ibushi into the corner, ouch.

Omega and Okada in the ring, big chops, Okada looks for a dropkick, nope, rainmaker, no, one winged angel, no! Omega with a snap dragon suplex. Looks for a v-trigger, Ishii stops that but gets a death valley driver for his trouble. Okada lands a dropkick on Omega, rainmaker, Ibushi stops it, lands a number of strikes, Omega with a v-trigger, suplex by Ibushi who then dives on Ishii out on the floor. Omega with a v-trigger on Okada, one winged angel, no reversed into a tombstone, reversed again by Omega. Ibushi looks to help out, but Ishii yanks him off the apron. Tombstone by Okada, running clothesline by Ishii, cover, Ibushi breaks up the pin!

Ishii clears out Ibushi, Okada looks for rainmaker, Omega reverses with a rock bottom. Ibushi and Ishii are now the legal men, they trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Ibushi with a ton of kicks, putting Ishii down, standing moonsault with the knees to the chest, pin, two-count. Okada makes the save for Ishii, drops Ibushi, looks for another dropkick on Omega, but it’s countered into a powerbomb in midair! Ishii drops Omega, Ibushi with a flipping kick to Ishii and all four wrestlers are down. Ishii and Ibushi end up slapping each other maybe 100 times.

Ibushi finally drops Ishii, Okada in there to stun Ibushi, kick to the back of the head, Ishii with a high-angle powerbomb, cover, Ibushi just barely kicks out. Okada and Omega fighting out on the floor. Straight jacket german suplex with the bridge on Ishii, just barely rolls out of that pin. Ishii gets caught with a knee/kick combo by both opponents. Omega launches Okada back from the apron to the barricade. Golden trigger hits on Ishii, cover, 1-2-3. What a crazy match.

Winners: Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi via Pinfall

– Post-match, Okada helps Ishii to the back. Omega and Ibushi celebrate a bit in the ring. Adam Page, The Young Bucks, and Marty Scurll head into the ring to congratulate Omega and Ibushi on their win. Omega says he’s sorry about the Young Bucks dropping the title tonight. Omega says he notices a few empty seats tonight, but sees plenty of smiling faces out there. Omega notes there’s another show in just over a week and calls up Ibushi. He says a few things to him in Japanese and translating what he just said.

From the back comes Cody. Kenny Omega offers up a title match to Ibushi. Cody hops into the ring and takes the mic. Cody says he wants to take the burden from them and asks the crowd if they want to see this match. Cody says how about this: Ibushi vs. Omega vs. Cody and hops out of the ring. Omega back on the mic and says that’s actually a good idea, there’s only been one other triple threat match for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match, so why not do something a bit more original? Omega flubs his lines a bit and says “this is what happens when I try to stick to the script,” crowd laughs at that. Omega does his sign off. It will be Omega vs. Ibushi vs. Cody at King of Pro-Wrestling on October 8.