We noted a few weeks back how WWE officials have made overtures to Fenix and Pentagon Jr., who held the Impact World Heavyweight Title earlier this year. There was no word yet on what came of the feelers, but it was also believed that both wrestlers still have three seasons left on their current Lucha Underground contracts.

Over the weekend at a PCW Ultra event, PCW Ultra Champion Pentagon Jr. somewhat addressed the rumors about going to WWE, which you can see in the video above. After defending the title against Hammerstone, he let the crowd know he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Respect that I am the PCW Champion and no one is going to take that from me,” Pentagon said. “Thank you very much! And before I forget. I am not going anywhere. Penta will be in PCW for many, more years.”

WWE apparently has had interest in the brothers for some time. They first asked fans about their interest in Fenix and Pentagon during a July 2017 Fan Council survey.

Earlier this week, MLW wrote the following on the current MLW Tag Team Champions: “It’s been an incredible 2018 for the #LuchaBros! And a monumental moment is on the horizon for @ReyFenixMx and @PENTAELZEROM as we hear what 2019 holds for them. MLW fans may be shocked to see what’s nxt!”

Obviously, spelling it like “nxt” fueled the rumor of both wrestlers heading to WWE NXT. PWInsider added that Fenix and Pentagon have been very elusive on taking dates for 2019.