Rare Triple H Vs. The Undertaker Match Released, Io Shirai On Possibly Winning The MYC, Nikki Bella

- Above is a new WWE Network Hidden Gem addition, featuring the first meeting between Triple H and The Undertaker from the semi-finals of the 1996 Kuwait Cup.

- Below is the synopsis for next Wednesday's Total Divas episode:

"The Real Nicole: Nicole escapes to Palm Springs with Brie to gain clarity and focus on her independence; Nattie has a humiliating wardrobe malfunction just as she starts a storyline with Ronda Rousey; Jon attempts to fix Trinity's sweet tooth but fails miserably."

- Below is video of Io Shirai and translator Sho Funaki talking to Sarah Schreiber after her win over Xia Brookside in round 1 of The Mae Young Classic. She will now face Zeuxis in the second round. Shirai says she has a chip on her shoulder from Japanese but she's just looking ahead at winning this tournament.


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