Rey Mysterio’s 21 year old son Dominik Gutiérrez is currently training at Lance Storm’s Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Mysterio noted on Instagram that Dominik just started a three-month training session at Storm’s academy.

It was first reported in November 2016 that Dominik was scheduled to start training for a pro wrestling career in January 2017. It was then reported in September 2017 that Rey was focused on training his son and preparing him for a wrestling career while his own in-ring future was up in the air. Dominik, who appeared on WWE TV for some of the storylines with Rey and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, has done some training before starting with Storm.

It was also reported at one point in 2017 that Rey could lean towards signing with one of the major pro wrestling promotions if they could help train his son. Rey recently signed a two year deal with WWE but there’s no word on if we might see Dominik train at the WWE Performance Center in the near future.

Below are recent photos of Rey, Dominik and Storm at the school: