ROH Death Before Dishonor Results: Jay Lethal Vs. Will Ospreay, Bullet Club In Action. WOH Match

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Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Kenny King

Liger going with a modified surf board, but King able to get almost immediately grab the bottom rope to break the hold. Liger tries to lock down King again, but he is able to flip out of it. Liger tries for some shoulder blocks, but doesn't have much luck. Liger tells King to give it a shot and he easily drops Liger. King with some showboating, Liger dumps him to the floor and hits a cannonball senton on his opponent.

King in the ring, Liger on the apron, Liger gets his legs swept. King with a corkscrew splash down to the floor, Liger tossed back in the ring, pin, two-count. Multiple backbreakers on Liger, cover, two. King with a back elbow, locks in a boston crap as he continues to focus on the back. Liger is able to crawl over to the ropes to get back on his feet. King charges the corner, nobody home, Liger counters with a double kick, lands a big haymaker, rolling heel kick, cover, two. Liger tries for a suplex, nope, King with a chin checker, spinning kick, cover, two.

Swinging backbreaker by King and heads up to the top rope. Liger follows him all the way up and nails a suplexplex, Liger ends up selling the move because of his back, delayed cover, two. Liger with a bulldog, heads back up to the top rope, splash, cover, close 3-count. Liger crumples down to the mat, still holding his back. King tries to get the crowd clapping for Liger, holds his hand out for a handshake, spinebuster, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny King via Pinfall

- Scorpio Sky cuts a "this is the worst town I've ever been to" promo in the ring. Sky had the crowd finish the line and only a handful of people actually did it. Briscoes with a promo up on the screen basically telling them SCU's time is up.

The Briscoes (c) vs. The Addiction (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Addiction get the best of the champions early on. The Briscoes bail out for a moment and grab a chair, but decide not to use them. Briscoes continue to have trouble and get sent out to the floor. The Briscoes throw a chair in, Daniels slaps it away and throws it back. Another is thrown in, Daniels catches it and heads out to the floor, launches it at Mark, but misses.

Blockbuster on the floor on Daniels and he's sent into the barricade. Kazarian is body slammed out on the floor. Mark and Daniels back in the ring, Jay is tagged in and stomps away at Daniels, then chokes him with his foot. Mark back in and hammers away on Daniels and he just can't get anything going. Daniels finally finds a window to bring in Kazarian, spinning heel kick, hip toss/neckbreaker, lungblower, double stomp in the corner, kip-up, and finishes with a DDT/stunner combo, cover, two.

Kazarian with a hurricanrana on Mark to the floor, but Jay gets in a big boot to finally slow down Kazarian. Mark grabs to chairs and puts them together on the floor, they keep going to these chairs. Daniels with a crossbody off the apron to stop Jay. Daniels dodges a chair swing, suplex on the floor. Back in the ring powerbomb/neck breaker combo, cover, two. Daniels with a double stomp on Jay and flies over the top rope to take out Mark. Addiction look for the doomsday device, Jay jumps off, gets backed into the referee. Daniels flies over the top rope. Mark slams Kazarian down on a chair on the floor when the referee wasn't looking. Kazarian looks like he got a cut on the back of his head.

Back in the ring, brainbuster on Daniels, cover, two. Daniels getting destroyed in the ring, double team cutter, pin, and Daniels kicks out again. Daniels tries to fight off both Briscoes (who have both been in the ring forever, come on, ref!) and drops both guys. Daniels looking to tag out, but Kazarian is still out on the floor. Briscoes look for doomsday device, Daniels drops out of the way, Mark with a forearm, but Daniels plants him to the mat, best moonsault ever hits and Jay breaks it up! That looked like three, but the match continues. Jay driller on Kazarian out on the floor. Another Jay driller in the ring on Daniels and that will do it.

Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall

Sumie Sakai (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood (ROH Women of Honor Championship)

Sakai with some aggressive offense to get things started until Dashwood shoves her back, looks for spotlight already, no, Sakai looks for smash mouth, no. Dashwood with a drop toe hold, sending Sakai into the corner, Dashwood with a running splash, cover, two. Sakai with a back suplex, double stomp in the corner, kicks Dashwood to the floor, and hits a crossbody down to the floor!

Back in the ring, Dashwood gets back in some offense, clothesline, neckbreaker, cover, two. Dashwood has her right shoulder taped up and rubbing it a bit now. Dashwood with a double underhook suplex off the second rope. Dashwood slow to crawl over and get a pin, two. Dashwood misses spotlight, Dashwood with a takedown, traps Sakai and stretches her out in the middle of the ring. Sakai looks to be fading, Dashwood let's go, hits a curb stomp, cover, two. Dashwood now climbs up to the top rope, but Sakai catches her and climbs up. Dashwood fights out of it and slips under, powerbomb attempt is reversed into a hurricanrana, cover, two. Sakai with a neckbreaker, shining wizard, cover, two-count.

Sakai hits smash mouth, but doesn't get all of it. Cover and Dashwood kicks out. Sakai looks for a cross armbreaker and Dashwood is able to swing her feet around and touch the bottom ropes with her feet. Sakai charges in, gets kicked to the face and then the midsection. Dashwood with a double underhook into the turnbuckle and locks in the tarantula submission in the ropes. Sakai ends up on the apron, Dashwood slides under her and hits a powerbomb down to the floor, throws Sakai back into the ring, cover, two.

Dashwood with a german suplex, cover, two. Sakai looks for a suplex of her own, back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring. Dashwood with another powerbomb, but Sakai goes right into the cross armbreaker and Dashwood passes out (?...) from the pain.

Winner: Sumie Sakai via Submission

Punishment Martinez (c) vs. Chris Sabin (ROH World TV Championship)

Quick pin attempt by Sabin, Martinez ends up on the floor, looks to jump up on the apron and tweaks his knee. He needs a moment to recover, but Sabin continues his attack. Martinez ends up chokeslamming Sabin on the apron and then launches him into the barricade. The two finally end up back in the ring. Martinez with a leap in the corner, nobody home, he smacks Sabin, climbs up top, but Sabin catches him. Martinez looks for a chokeslam off the second rope and Sabin fights him off. Sabin then nails a hurricanrana sending the champ to the mat.

Sabin swings away at Martinez, who ends up just yelling at him, he charges, Sabin dodges and Martinez goes out to the floor. Sabin nails a suicide dive, heads to the top rope and nails a crossbody to the floor. Another ref bump as Martinez sends Sabin into him. Spinning heel kick by Martinez, grabs a chair, Sabin chops the knees, Martinez drops down face first on it. Sabin with a tornado DDT off the top rope down on the chair, cover, two. Sabin randomly gets the chair, referee takes it away, Martinez picks up Sabin, sends him into the turnbuckle, psycho driver, curb stomp, chokeslam, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Punishment Martinez via Pinfall

- Post-match, Martinez looks to curb stomp Sabin on the chair, but out comes Jeff Cobb. Cobb gets in the ring and the two face off for a moment. Martinez takes his title and goes to head out of the ring, but grabs a chair and smacks Cobb in the back with it. Cobb basically no sells it, blocks a kick and gives the champ a swinging suplex. Cobb lays the title on Martinez and heads off.

- Bully Ray promo about his upcoming opponents, calling Colt Cabana a "nobody" who will be known for a podcast and not being able to hack it in WWE. He then talks about Gordon being a "never will be," calling him spoiled and hasn't paid his dues. He tells his partner, Silas Young, that he's gone from a "bully to a b—-" and he hopes Young gets back to being the bully he once was. Bully then says what's better a "nobody" or a "never will be" and says he doesn't know because he's never been either and puts up his middle finger with his WWE Hall of Fame ring on it.

Bully Ray and Silas Young vs. Colt Cabana and Flip Gordon (Tables Match)

Gordon and Cabana off to a fast start clearing Young out of the ring and hitting a double back body drop to Bully. On the floor, Gordon gets sent into the barricade. Back in the ring, Bully splashes into Cabana, body slam, looks for the "wazzup!" Cabana reverses it though. Gordon kicks Young off the top rope and does it to Bully. Cabana tells Gordon to get the tables and they set one up in the ring.

Bully ends up getting the table to the side of the ring, double clothesline. Gordon with some kicks to Bully's chest, Young drops Gordon. Bully and Young try to back body drop Gordon through the table, Cabana moves the table out of the way and hits a springboard moonsault. Gordon with a step-up flip to the floor to clear out Young. Cabana tries for a splash on Bully, but nobody home. Bully grabs a chair and yells to Ian Riccaboni that he's a piece of trash as he swings away on Cabana's back. Ian runs down to the ring to check on Cabana, Bully sees him, but Gordon with a suicide dive on Bully and then Young on the other side of the ring. Ian takes the chair and hands it off to Cabana who then cracks Bully over the back.

Cabana tries to powerbomb Bully, reverses, Bully ends up shoving Ian and then powerbombing Cabana through the table. Both members have to be put through tables though for there to be a winner so the match continues. Bully sets a table up in the corner as he and Young looks to finish off Gordon. Multiple chops by Bully, Young goes for a clothesline and ends up hitting Bully. Flip goes to send Young into the table, Bully literally knocks Young down to help save him from going through the table. Young is all mad at Bully now...for...saving him. The two end up punching each other a bunch of times. Gordon springboards in and both dodge him. They start yelling at each other again and then recognize they just need to send Gordon through the table.

Gordon gets throw into it, but he flips off of it and then dodges a charging Bully who goes crashing through the table, he gone. Young crushes Gordon with a clothesline who goes crashing down to the floor. Young sets a table up in the ring and sends Gordon back in. Reversals near the table, another referee bump. Spear by Gordon, 450 splash on Young through the table, but the referee is still out. Bully gets up, knocks down Gordon, puts him on the wrecked table and moves Young off it. Referee wakes up, sees where Gordon is and calls the match.

Winners: Bully Ray and Silas Young via Pinfall

- Post-match, Bully smacks Gordon with a chain and then half a table. Bully continues to hammer away on Gordon with the chain, Young just heads to the back.

- Backstage, Dashwood is down on the ground, holding her shoulder looking to be a lot of pain.

Cody, Adam Page, The Young Bucks, and Marty Scurll vs. Kazuchika Okada, Chuckie T, Beretta, Tomohiro Ishii, and Rocky Romero

Nick Aldis is on commentary for this match. Ishii and Page gets things started with a stalemate, both showing off each other's power. Back and forth attacks, over and over again until Page finally slows down. Ishii with a suplex and Okada puts his hand out for a tag and points to Scurll, the man he beat at "All In." Scurll gets right in his face and then tags out to Romero. Scurll then faces off with Romero who shoves him.Romero with a flip off the second rope, then hits a hurricarana, chop, and catches himself in the ropes. Scurll charges, misses and goes out to the ring. Romero hits the ropes, but gets kicked in the back by Nick. He punches Nick, but Romero catches him.

Nick and Chuckie in there now, Chuckie with an atomic drop, but Matt and Beretta come with for some double team moves. Things break down with bodies flying all over the place. Finally it ends up being Cody and Okada in the ring, Cody drops down and punches Okada in the face. Okada wih a flapjack, tags Beretta in the ring, Cody staying on him though sends him to the floor, Cody with a step up splash, body home, Beretta with a flip. Everyone is no taking out everyone on the floor Nick with a corkscrew flip that hardly hits anyone. Chuckie with a flip off the stage to the floor and takes out a ton of people.

Everybody is on the floor as Ishii heads up to the top rope and hits a cannonball senton on everyone! Back in the ring, Cody and Beretta, Beretta throws Cody into the corner, Brandi randomly jumps in the ring to stop Beretta from hitting him. He moves her aside and Cody kicks him between the legs as Bullet Club distracts the referee. Young Bucks in there with a flurry of kicks on CHAOS. Pin attempt on Beretta, only a two-count. Cody in there again as he taunts Ishii a bit, more kicks to Beretta.

Romero puts the Bullet Club in each corner and hits clotheslines on everyone, even gets in a couple double clotheslines. Romero taunts for a bit and then realizes he's surrounded by the group and gets a 5x superkick. Romero is able to tag out to Okada who hits a bunch of back elbows on Young Bucks, hits double DDT, kip-up, and we get a CHAOS train into the corner with a flurry of attacks. Okada with a neckbreaker over his knee, cover, gets broken up. Matt with a knee to Okada, and everyone gets a move on everyone, we're talking kicks, tornado DDT, and Scurll tries for a finger snap on Ishii and gets a headbutt instead. Page and Cody try to put down Ishii and he hits a double clothesline.

Okada with a the dropkick on Nick, tries for rainmaker, Young Bucks counter into the Meltzer Driver, nope. Chuckie T helps Okada with a spike piledriver on Matt, but it's broken up. Okada goes for rainmaker, no, Page with a buckshot lariat and ends up nailing Matt Jackson, lots of miscues by Bullet Club in this one. Cody with cross rhodes, but needs to get tagged in. He takes a lot of time and Okada ends up hitting a rainmaker, both wrestlers down. Aldis then announces his NWA 70 match against Cody Rhodes will be a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Ishii and Page in the ring now, Page nails Ishii with a buckshot lariat. Scurll and Romero end up in the ring alone, Scurll looks for the crossface chicken wing, Matt in for the superkick, hits Matt by mistake. Chuckie with a piledriver on the apron. Cody with a splash to the floor. Romero and Scurll in the ring, Scurll transitions into a crossface chicken wing and Romero almost immediately taps out.

Winners: Cody, Adam Page, The Young Bucks, and Marty Scurll vs. Kazuchika Okada, Chuckie T, Beretta, Tomohiro Ishii, and Rocky Romero via Submission

- Post-match, Cody gets on commentary after the match and says he accepts the 2-out-3 falls stipulation.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Will Ospreay (ROH World Championship)

Stalemate as we get things started, Lethal letting the challenger know "this is my house." Ospreay trying to drop Lethal, but doesn't have much luck bringing him down. Ospreay then slaps Lethal in the face and is able to hit a shoulder block to bring Lethal down. Lethal returns fire with a big chop across the chest, Ospreay hits him back. Lethal injection and oscutter attempts from both wrestlers, but neither can hit their finishers. Some more chops by Ospreay, back elbow, gets up to the top rope and is chopped down to the floor. Lethal hits three suicide dives on Ospreay.

Back in the ring, Lethal continues to work on his opponent, goes for a pin, two count. Crowd is fairly split on the two wrestlers. Ospreay works back into the match with some hefty punches, dropkick, cover, two. Lethal with some chops in the corner, Ospreay eggs him on to do it again with arms behind his back. Lethal cracks him hard. Ospreay returns the favor. He looks for Lethal to do it again, quickly smacks the champion, kicks him out of the ring, and nails him hard with a suicide dive. Ospreay out on the floor with some more kicks.

Out from under the ring comes a ladder, but it's just left on the floor. Lethal tries to get into the ring, Ospreay with a 619 to his back, springboard clothesline, cover, two. Lethal combination hits clean. More back and forth attacks, Lethal charges, Ospreay with hurricanrana sending Lethal out to the floor. Ospreay with a handspring flip to the floor, lands on his feet. Lethal tries to powerbomb him through the table, Ospreay fights back, Lethal goes for a superkick and ends up nailing the ring announcer and the title goes up in the air and ends up in Ospreay's hands. Lethal dares the challenger to hit him, Ospreay tosses the title and they start swinging away. Lethal thrown into the barricade. Ospreay looks for a clothesline, gets caught and planted straight into the barricade.

Lethal yanks the barricade toward the ring and sets the ladder up on it. Back in the ring, Lethal goes for lethal injection, countered into a powerbomb cover, two. Lethal ends up on the apron near the ladder, Ospreay leaps over him and looks for the powerbomb, Lethal initially holds on and then goes back on the ladder. Back in the ring, springboard dropkick by Ospreay, wrap around kick, looks for the oscutter, but Lethal hits a cutter of his own. Lethal injection and he's kicked again by Ospreay.

Ospreay looks to use the title, doesn't do, kick to the face, oscutter hits and lands it! Cover, 1-2-no! Crowd thought that was it. Ospreay with stomps to the face, looks to powerbomb Lethal, but the champ gets to the turnbuckle to get out of that. Lethal put up on the top turnbuckle, Ospreay follows him up and looked for a hurricanrana, but Lethal counters into a super powerbomb! Lethal injection hits, cover, 1-2-3. Awesome match!

Winner: Jay Lethal via Pinfall

- Post-match, Ospreay does the "this close" hand signal to Lethal, then walks over to shake the champ's hand. Balloons go up! TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia hit the ring to take out Ospreay and Lethal. Jonathan Gresham runs out to help, but ends up getting planted in the ring. Lethal looks to fight off both guys, someone runs out to the ring and it's Matt Taven with his new look. He got his head shaved at a recent CMLL event. Taven knocks down Lethal with a mystery title. He picks up the ROH World Championship and holds both up. He tosses down the ROH World Championship and holds up his, which is the same except for a purple strap. He yells "I am the real ROH World Champion!" and we fade to black.