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Thanks to correspondent Will Henderson (@willh94) for the following:

* NXT General Manager William Regal is out. Regal says he’s getting closer to finding out about Aleister Black’s attacker, when the The Undisputed Era interrupt. Adam Cole says Aleister is old news and says Regal hasn’t been doing his job because he’s too busy playing Sherlock Holmes. Undisputed ask when he’s going to deal with the War Raiders, and Cole demands his rematch with Ricochet. Regal says Cole interfering last week wasn’t fair, so he won’t get his rematch immediately. Instead, in 2 weeks, it will be Ricochet vs Pete Dunne vs Adam Cole for the North American Championship, and in 3 weeks, it will be Undisputed vs War Raiders for the Tag Team Championships

* Lars Sullivan defeated Victor Orchant. Lars was destroying Victor when EC3 ran out and attacked Lars for the DQ. EC3 sent Lars packing and posed in the ring

* The Mighty defeated The Street Profits. The Mighty come out with Montez’s cup and chains. Street Profits come out serious, no dancing. Thorne mocks the Profits while dancing with the chains, and eats a right hand from Dawkins. Ford sidesteps Miller and he careens into the steps. Profits have control until Thorne runs Ford into the ring post and Ford’s leg gets trapped in the steps, and Thorne charges it. After a few hope spots, Ford attempts to flip out of a move, but tweaks the bad leg and gets rolled up for the pin

* NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane defeated Vanessa Borne in a non-title match. Borne puts Kairi’s hat on and then stomps it, while Kairi gets angry. Vanessa gets a little offense in, but Kairi gets the baseball slide and the InSane Elbow for the win. Shayna Baszler comes out. Shayna tells Kairi to enjoy celebrating, but she’s invoking her rematch clause, and she’s going to drop anchor on Kairi’s title reign. Kairi tells Shayna she can have her rematch at WWE Evolution, and she will win

* NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa defeated Otis Dozovic in a non-title match. Really fun match. Otis overpowers Ciampa at the start. Otis hits a huge powerslam, but Ciampa rolls out of the ring. They brawl with Otis getting the upperhand. Otis teases a dive, but does the worm instead when Ciampa flees. Ciampa pulls Otis down by his head on the ramp and takes control, but can’t put Otis down. Otis counters a sleeper by laying back on him, and regains control. Ciampa tries to walk out, but Tucker Knight comes out and Otis lays out Ciampa and tosses him back in the ring. Otis goes up for a moonsault, but Ciampa rolls away. Otis goes down to get Ciampa, but eats a DDT through the ropes onto the apron and then the through the ropes DDT into the ring for the pin