Stephen Amell Says "All In" Was Possibly His Last Singles Match

Stephen Amell wrestled in his first ever singles match at All In against Christopher Daniels. Amell went to Facebook to reflect on his experience at All In and was grateful for the opportunity.

"I really wanted to pass along some gratitude for what was a once in a lifetime, possibly a last of a lifetime experience for me, being at All In. Being part of the largest independent wrestling show ever, was seriously, seriously, seriously incredible," said Amell.

Amell went on to thank everyone who helped him get involved with the show and especially had kind words for his opponent, Daniels, who Amell thanked for helping him in the match.

"I want to thank Christopher Daniels for being just a wonderful opponent," Amell said. "I don't want to break kayfabe, but when it came time to selecting who we wanted me to work with here for All In, Cody was very insistent that I be with a guy that has the know-how and the wherewithal that Christopher Daniel's has. He was nothing short of a life saver in the ring. Because about three minutes in, I did what I anticipated would happen, and what everyone told me would happen, and what I knew would happen. I blew up! Couldn't catch my breath. I had no idea where I was and being with a guy like CD [Christopher Daniels]... I couldn't have done it without him."

"Most of all I would like to thank Cody, Brandi and the entire Rhodes family. I've known Cody for the better half of three years and to watch him come out for his match later on in the night and the emotion on his face, and to see him realize a show like All In was really quite amazing. I'm so very proud of him."

Amell says that this will possibly be his last singles match, but does hope for another All In and hopes to be involved in some way. You can watch Amell's Facebook video below: