Tama Tonga Hints At Recruiting Neville

As one of the founding members of the Bullet Club, Tama Tonga knows that there is strength in numbers. The Bullet Club has had many wrestlers join and depart the group over the years, but Tonga believes the unity of its current members is what allows it to withstand the turnover.

"There is only one Bullet Club, and we're fighting for it," Tonga told Sports Illustrated. "This ignited in San Fran, and we're at war for Bullet Club. This is where we're at, it's the North vs. the South fighting for the United States.

"You have their side—the ROH side—against the Japan side of me, [Bad Luck] Fale, and [Tanga] Loa. Bullet Club was born in New Japan, but the Young Bucks ain't signed in New Japan. Cody ain't signed in New Japan. Adam Page and Marty Scurll ain't signed with New Japan. From my understanding, a lot of them are becoming free agents at the end of this year. So, let's see, who really is Bullet Club?"

In order to keep up with The Elite and win the Civil War within the Bullet Club, Tonga needs some new blood on his side to keep things fresh. Kenny Omega laid out a challenge to him at the G1 Special and Tonga's been thinking about expanding Bullet Club OG ever since.

"I love always love a challenge," Tonga said. "Kenny Omega did a promo during the G1 and said, 'Tama, you think you can do better than me? You think you can push Bullet Club to new levels, higher ones than I did? Go ahead and prove it.' Challenge accepted.

"I know Neville and I've followed his work. He's a phenomenal worker and he's been here in New Japan before, I watched him in the Super Juniors in 2012. I love his work."

Neville was known as Pac during his New Japan run, and he advanced to the semifinals of the Super Juniors tournament before losing to Ryusuke Taguchi. After departing New Japan in 2012, Neville signed with WWE where he spent three years in NXT.

He made his main roster debut on SmackDown in 2015 and would have two reigns as Cruiserweight Champion. However, he went AWOL in late 2017 and after 10 months of not appearing in WWE, he was released in August 2018.

It would be a natural fit for Neville to head back to Japan as his high-flying style is perfect for the junior heavyweight division and he has unfinished business with Taguchi. But in regards to Tonga, a free agent like Neville would much rather be with him than against him.

"You cross me, you'll know," said Tonga. "But if you're with me? You'll know."

Source: Sports Illustrated


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