– As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, WWE posted the video above of Zelina Vega talking about how Rey Mysterio inspires her. Vega said that Rey “captivated” her with all of his high-flying moves and inspired her to be comfortable about owning her size.

“He was a champion, and if he can be a champion, then what’s stopping me from going for the championship as well?” Vega asked. “Rey has definitely shown people that there’s nothing that can stop you if you can push through.”

– As noted, there was a comedy segment with The Shield and Baron Corbin after last night’s RAW went off the air. Wrestling Inc. reader Jeffrey Peter sent this detailed account of the segment:

After Raw went off the air, Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler surrounded the ring. The heels got in the ring and attacked the Shield and threw Dean and Seth out of the ring. Braun then shoved Drew and did the “Drew, get the tables!” shtick. Drew jumped out of the ring, slid the table into the ring and set it up. Seth and Dean then grabbed the steel chairs that Braun, Drew and Dolph were sitting on during the main event and attacked them with it and chased the trio from the ring.

With Drew, Braun and Dolph gone from ringside, that left Baron Corbin in the ring. Baron got up and tried to shake hands with The Shield. Seth gave him the mic and Baron said that he wanted to call it even. Seth took the mic back and said that Dean was the one to make these decisions. Dean said that they’ll let Denver decide his fate with the options being that they kick Corbin’s butt (the crowd cheered loudly), they shake hands with Baron and let him go on his way (very loud boos) or Baron has to sing “I’m A Little Tea Pot” and gets beat up if he messes up (very loud cheers).

Baron took the mic and said “I cannot believe you ALL choose C” and then he tried singing the song. Corbin screwed it up badly and the crowd started singing the song. Dean took the mic and said, “Who doesn’t know the words to such a easy nursery rhyme?” Dean gave Baron the Dirty Deeds, Seth gave Corbin the Curb Stomp and then Roman speared him.

As the Shield celebrated in the ring, Baron grabbed the mic again and tried finishing the song. The Shield walked over to him and shook their head and then picked him up and triple powered bombed him through the
previously set up table to send everyone home happy.

– As noted, Liv Morgan possibly suffered a concussion at Monday’s RAW in Denver after accidentally being kicked in the face by Brie Bella twice. Tommy Dreamer took to Twitter and said that fans faulting Brie for the kicks are “100% incorrect”, as seen below:

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