– Above is a Ring of Honor WOH tag match featuring Tenille Dashwood, Jenny Rose, and Stella Grey vs. Riley Shepard, Ashley Vox, and Kris Stadtlander. The finish of the match came when Dashwood hit Spotlight (single leg dropkick to the head) for the pinfall victory. Dashwood will take on Sumie Sakai for the ROH Women of Honor Championship at Death Before Dishonor on September 28.

– CMLL’s 85th Anniversary Show took place yesterday in Mexico City, Mexico with Rush and Barbaro Cavernario defeating Volador Jr. and Matt Taven in a Hair vs. Hair match in the main event. Both Taven and Volador would have their heads shaved after the match, below are the full results.

* Jarochita, Marcela, and Princesa Sugehit (Captain) defeated Reyna Isis, Metalica, and Dalys (Captain)
* Audaz, Niebla Roja, and Angel de Oro (Captain) defeated Felino, Mephisto, and Negro Casas (Captain, with El Perico Zacarias)
* Forastero, Cuatrero, and Sanson (Captain) defeated Atlantis, Soberano Jr. (with KeMonito), and Mistico (Captain)
* Scharly Rockstar, The Chris, Ciber the Main Man defeated Gran Guerrero, Euforia, Ultimo Guerrero (c) (CMLL Trios Championship)
* Diamante Azul, King Phoenix (Fenix), Penta El Zero M (Captain) defeated Caristico, El Hijo de LA Park, LA Park (Captain)
* Rush and Barbaro Cavernario defeated Volador Jr. and Matt Taven (Hair vs. Hair Match)

– Last night, PWG Battle of Los Angeles: Night 1 kicked off from the Globe Theatre. The single-elimination tournament is PWG’s most popular of the year featuring 24 wrestlers, below are the full results.

* Rey Horus defeated Adam Brooks
* Flamita defeated Puma King
* CIMA defeated Jody Fleisch
* Joey Janela defeated David Starr
* Brody King defeated PCO
* Bandido defeated T-Hawk
* Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher and WALTER) defeated Ilja Dragunov and Shingo Takagi (Non-Tournament Match)