The show opens with a recap of Drew Gulak’s failed attempt to win the cruiserweight championship at SummerSlamagainst Cedric Alexander, and his constant pursuit of 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick to beg for a rematch. Gulak has become incredibly vicious in his campaign to get another title shot, attacking Alexander on multiple occasions and promising that there would be no peace on 205 until he gets what he wants. Package ends with a clip from last week’s episode when Maverick assisted a stunned Alexander to the backstage area.

Opening intro.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to 205 Live’s first episode on their new Wednesday night. They hype up the evening’s main event: Drew Gulak versus Cedric Alexander for the cruiserweight title.

TJ Perkins is out for our first matchup of the evening. His opponent…Lince Dorado.

Lince Dorado versus TJ Perkins

Perkins takes early control with a headlock, but Dorado responds with a springboard arm-drag and a flush dropkick. After a few exchanges Perkins taunts Dorado and attempts to perform his signature dab dance move, but Dorado surprises him with a kick followed up by a frankensteiner. Perkins catches Dorado with a guillotine through the ropes and takes command of the matchup wearing the the luchadore down.

Perkins plays to the crowd after countering a series of Dorado’s attacks, but Dorado responds with a spinning heel kick and both men are down. Dordado begins his comeback with a chop and a middle-rope frankensteiner that sends Perkins to the outside. Suicide dive by Dorado! Back in the ring Dorado sets up for a Shooting Star Press but Perkins moves and Dorado lands on his feet. Perkins attempts the detonation kick but Dorado shifts his weight and escapes. Superkick and bronco buster by Dorado. He sets up for his finisher but Perkins escapes and removes Dorado’s mask! While covering up his face Dorado gets rolled up.

TJ Perkins wins by pinfall

After the match Perkins adds insult to injury by leaving with the flag that Dorado came out with.

General manager Drake Maverick is chatting with Lio Rush. He tells him he won’t be wrestling Noam Dar because of his recent commitment to Bobby Lashley and Monday Night Raw and that if he doesn’t honor his 205 Live contract, he may soon be out of a job. Rush laughs the threat off, and says he’ll be back to face Dar next week. Maverick promises him that if he doesn’t, he’ll pay.

Mustafa Ali shows up to thank Maverick for his matchup last week. Ali says he appreciates the competition, but that he wants Hideo Itami. Although Maverick initially disagrees because of what happened last time, he informs Ali that he is cleared to return to full action, and that he’ll get a chance at revenge against Itami next week. The matchup is made official, along with Noam Dar and Lio Rush.

It’s main event time! The champ comes out, followed by his challenger Drew Gulak. He’s accompanied by Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher.

Cedric Alexander versus Drew Gulak for the cruiserweight championship

Tie-up. The pace is quick early but Cedric attempts a series of headlocks to slow the action down. While bouncing off the ropes Cedric gets tripped by Kendrick right in front of the referee. Instead of disqualifying Gulak, he bans Kendrick and Gallagher from ringside. Crowd goes wild, but Gulak is very upset. Alexander hits Gulak with a dropkick and attempts the match’s first cover, but barely a one count.

Both men block a suplex attempt on each other. Cedric maneuvers Gulak close to the ropes and suplexes both of them to the floor but they land on their feet! Quick suplex by Cedric! (Very cool spot.) However, the impact to the arena floor hurt both men.

After some back and forth encounters Cedric attempts the Lumbar Check, but Gulak rolls him up. Two count! Cedric lands his signature handspring enziguri off the ropes which sends Gulak back to the outside. Cedric immediately hits a Tope Con Hilo and throws Gulak back in the ring. He again tries to set up his finisher but out of nowhere Gulak locks in his Gu-lock submission. After a moment of struggle, Cedric gets his foot on the ropes.

On the apron, Gulak goes for another submission but Cedric counters with a stiff kick. A nice sequence where each man escapes a powerbomb attempt. Michinoku Driver by Cedric! Not enough! Gulak would regain momentum and land a top rope clothesline that decapitates the champ. Cedric would respond with a back elbow and the Lumbar Check for the victory.

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall to retain the cruiserweight championship

Cedric celebrates post match.

Backstage Kayla Braxton is with Buddy Murphy who will challenge Cedric Alexander at WWE’s Super Show-Down in Australia. He congratulates Cedric on a nice lengthy win streak, but promises to win the belt in his hometown of Melbourne, and that when he does, 205 Live will be his.

Source: WWE