WWE 205 Live Results (9/4): Cedric Alexander Takes On TJP, Tony Nese Vs. Gran Metalik, Mustafa Ali

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- Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson talk about Cedric Alexander defending his title against Buddy Murphy at the WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia.

- Backstage, Kayla Braxton talks with Tony Nese before his upcoming match. He wasn't happy about being asked any questions before his match. Kayla talks with Buddy Murphy instead and asks about his upcoming title opportunity against Alexander. He said it was an obvious and easy decision for Drake Maverick to make. Last time they met it was in Cedric's hometown and Murphy said he came "this close" to winning. So now, Alexander is coming to his hometown and he plans on taking that title. Nese heads off for his match.

Gran Metalik vs. Tony Nese


No Buddy Murphy or Lucha House Party at ringside for this one. Stalemate to get things going as neither wrestler gets much going until Metalik hits a chop to Nese's chest. Nese with a flurry of strikes, second rope moonsault, lands on his feet. Metalik handspring off the ropes, Nese dodges that, Metalik bounces off the ropes and gives Nese and armdrag. Nese takes a moment out on the floor, tries to run in, gets kicked. Metalik on the apron and Nese just drops him face first down on the apron.

Superkick by Metalik, tries for a hurricanrana, Nese catches him and swings Metalik into the barricade. Back in the ring, Nese with a northern lights suplex, two-count. Metalik getting a string of attacks, cover, two. Metalik with a handspring, but gets caught with a spinning heel kick. Nese tries to head to the top rope, gets kicked, Metalik leaps over the top rope and sends Nese crashing down to the floor with a hurricanrana. Metalik with a second rope moonsault to the floor and Nese lifts the feet to counter Metalik!


Nese back in the ring and hits a fosbury flop on Metalik, tosses his opponent back in the ring, heads to the top, 450 splash, and Metalik kicks out. Nese then just launches Metalik into the ring post. Metalik with a superkick, metalik driver, cover, two. Both end up top, Nese gets crotched, Metalik with a hurricanrana, he goes back up, walks the rope, drops the elbow and picks up the win.

Winner: Gran Metalik via Pinfall

- Last week, Hideo Itami picked up an easy win, but Mustafa Ali made his return and sent Itami retreating through the crowd.

- Backstage, Maverick tells a referee to keep a close eye on what happens with Alexander and Gulak. Mustafa Ali walks in a cracks a joke about hoping Maverick was still in his AOP gear. Maverick said what he does on Monday nights is his business. Ali wants a shot at Itami, but Maverick says he won't step foot in the ring until he says so.

- Lio Rush heads out to the ring to join commentary.

Noam Dar vs. Brian Kelly

Rush says he's not happy about not being on SummerSlam or 205 Live right after SummerSlam, especially with Wale joining commentary to watch Noam Dar. Rush said people are talking about Dar, so that's why he's out here to check him out. In the ring, Dar is just beating the heck out Kelly. He hits an overhead release suplex and gives a look over at Rush. He hits his finisher and this one is already over.


Winner: Noam Dar via Pinfall

- Post-match, Dar and Rush stare at each other. Rush stands on the table, gives Dar a sarcastic clap and the two jaw at each other for a few moments.

- Backstage, Maverick stops Cedric Alexander and tells him to keep things professional or he has no problem intervening.

- Next week: Gran Metalik vs. Buddy Murphy

- Cedric Alexander heads out to the ring and keeps it short. He tells Drew Gulak if he has any integrity, he would come out here so Alexander can finish what Gulak started. TJP ends up coming out to the stage with the mic. He says Gulak is a bit of an opportunist, but TJP? He doesn't like to wait for things and wants a match with Alexander. TJP flips into the ring kind of awkwardly and Maverick's music hit. Drake says there's only one person who makes the matches and that's the General Manager, he ends up booking TJP vs. Alexander.

Cedric Alexander vs. TJP (Non-Title Match)

TJP ends up on the floor early, Alexander with a suicide dive to clear out his opponent. The champ slams TJP into the edge of the ring, big chop, and the two end up on the apron. TJP then plants Alexander down on the apron. Back in the ring, TJP locks in an octopus stretch, Alexander reverses into a stretch muffler, TJP reverses that into a pin, two count. Alexander with a big dropkick that sends TJP out to the floor.


Back in the ring, TJP gets some offense in and starts to grind away on his opponent. Springboard flatliner by Alexander, cover, two-count. Alexander charges in, gets caught with a kick, TJP with an arm snap, suplex, belly-to-back suplex, pin, two. TJP continues to work over the arm. Alexander ends up on the apron and hits a springboard clothesline, really selling his injured arm now. Boot to the face, clothesline, rolling elbow, double knees to TJP's stomach, pin, two!

Alexander tries for a lumbar check, TJP counters into a double wrist-lock with body scissors. Alexander plants TJP, weak cover, two. Alexander springboards in, TJP catches him and locks in another armbar, but goes right into a kneebar. Alexander grabs the bottom rope though. The two trade strikes, but TJP tries for another armbar, counter, Alexander gets behind TJP, lumbar check, and that will do it.


Winner: Cedric Alexander via Pinfall

- Post-match, Gulak's music hits and he heads out with a mic. Gulak mocks Alexander a bit and says he accepts Alexander's challenge to finish things now. From behind Jack Gallagher attacks, Alexander fights him off, but Gulak lands a big lariat, gu-lock is applied, and out comes Maverick with a bunch of referees to get him to the back. Gulak yells, "Give me my rematch!"