WWE HIAC: Alexa Bliss Vs. Ronda Rousey (RAW Women's Title Match)

RAW Women's Title Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey

We go to the ring and out comes Alexa Bliss with Mickie James and Alicia Fox. RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey is out next with Natalya. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.

The bell rings and we get an early takedown. Bliss goes for the injured ribs early on but Rousey counters. Rousey with a quick pin attempt. Rousey with more offense and another quick pin attempt. They lock up again and go to the ropes. Bliss gets in Rousey's face but gets dropped with a jab. Bliss takes Rousey to the corner and stomps away on the ribs. Rousey drops Bliss again and mounts her. Rousey goes for the armbar but she's distracted by Mickie and Alicia getting on the apron.

Rousey keeps control and teases the armbar again but gets distracted. Rousey has words with Fox and James at ringside now. Rousey decks Bliss and brings her back into the ring. Rousey taunts Bliss. Bliss charges but Rousey moves and Bliss lands out on her friends at ringside. All three go down. Rousey brings Bliss back into the ring but Bliss counters and drops her. Bliss works on the injured ribs now. Bliss with a 2 count. Bliss rams Rousey into the corner and hits a thrust. Bliss with a stiff kick to the ribs. Fox and James applaud as the referee checks on Rousey.

Bliss takes Rousey back down and applies an abdominal stretch as Rousey sells the rib injury. Bliss tightens the hold as Mickie taunts Rousey from the outside. Fans start rallying for Rousey. Rousey counters and scoops Bliss on her shoulders. It looks like Rousey's ribs give out on her as Bliss drops her. Bliss with more offense and a 2 count. Bliss with another stretch on the mat now as Rousey screams out in pain. Natalya tries to rally the fans for her. Bliss takes Rousey back face-first into the turnbuckles. Bliss with more kicks in the corner. Bliss goes to the top but Rousey cuts her off and climbs up. They tangle on the top now. Bliss counters and slides down. Rousey with a right hand to stop the powerbomb attempt. Rousey gets turned upside down in the corner and Bliss dropkicks her in the ribs for a 2 count.

Bliss takes Rousey back down with a submission to focus on the ribs. Bliss stops another comeback attempt with a basement dropkick. Bliss launches Rousey face-first into the bottom turnbuckle and then wraps her ribs around the ring post, forcing her to scream out in pain. Fox and James get involved but Natalya has had enough. Natalya launches Fox on the floor. Mickie is on the apron with Rousey's hair in her fist now. Rousey fights her as Natalya comes over. Bliss and Rousey collide in the middle of the ring with crossbody attempts. They both go down but Rousey sells the rib injury. The referee counts. Bliss gets up first. Rousey counters a suplex attempt and rolls Bliss up for 2. They trade pin attempts and strikes again. Bliss with more forearm shots and trash talking while Rousey is down, taunting her in her face.

Rousey powers up and yells back at Bliss in her face. Rousey with the gutwrench powerbomb out of nowhere. Rousey pounds her own ribs to psych herself up. Rousey with strikes on Bliss into the corner. Rousey charges but runs into a boot to the ribs. Rousey blocks a strike and scoops Bliss on her shoulders. Rousey drives Bliss into the mat and goes for the armbar as fans pop. Rousey locks it in and Bliss quickly taps out for the finish.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

After the match, Rousey stands tall with the title as Natalya joins her for the celebration. We go to replays. Bliss, James and Fox watch from the stage as Rousey and Natalya celebrate.

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